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10 Best Freshwater Fish For Those New To Fishkeeping | Beginners Guide

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Now that your fish tank is set up and you are excited about aquatic life in your first aquarium. However, there are several choices you have to make regarding selecting your first aquarium fish. There are some species of beginners freshwater fish that are easy to take care of and will look impressive in your aquarium.

Before getting a fish for your tank, you should decide which fish to have in your aquarium. Whether you want to set a community tank, do you want to keep bigger fish? Do you want your fish to stay small? And so on.

If you want a community tank you need to choose suitable tank mates and must first research the fish you want to keep and examine their compatibility, or else your first experience in keeping fish will be a disaster.

Let’s look at some of the popular types of freshwater fish and learn more about them.

The Zebra Fish (Zebra Danio) – Beginners Freshwater Fish

beginners freshwater fish

Zebra Fish is the most common beginner’s freshwater fish. Danio requires minimal care and does not require high requirements. Danio live in a group, so you should consider keeping at least 4-5 pairs of danio. Zebrafish requires plenty of space for swimming.


beginners freshwater fish

Goldfish are the most preferred species of fish for beginners. If you don’t keep them right it can turn up your worst beginner fish because goldfish produce a lot of waste that can convert into toxic hampering your fish and tank water.

Guppy – Beginners Freshwater Fish

beginners freshwater fish

Guppy fish is one of the types of livebearer fish that gives birth rather than laying eggs. And livebearers are one of the most common beginner fish in the fishkeeping hobby. Guppies are one of the most common beginners freshwater fish which can tolerate a range of water condition. They are small fish and relatively inexpensive and easy to take care of. Aquarist chooses guppy as their beginner fish due to their brilliant tail colors, patterns and ease of breeding.

Betta – Beginners Freshwater Fish

beginners freshwater fish

Betta Splendens or common name: “Bettas” and “Siamese Fighting Fish” are popular tank fish known for their bright colors, personality, and low maintenance cost. It has varieties of colors with different shapes of the tale, seen in a single container or tank in both office and home. The betta has the special ability to breadth oxygen from the air, furthermore, it takes in oxygen from their gills. In short, they can survive for a limited period of time out of the water. Also, Betta can adjust to small space and unfiltered water and do their best on small face aquarium.

Black Molly – Beginners Freshwater Fish

beginners freshwater fish

Black Molly is also one of the types of livebearers. If you have a small tank that cannot house a bigger fish then molly are a perfect choice. Black molly requires a water temperature of 22-25 degrees Celsius.

Swordtail – Beginners Freshwater Fish

beginners freshwater fish

Swordtail is another type of livebearer that comes in different colors with the male being easily identified by their signature tail like a pointed sword.

The Angelfish

Aquarium Fish

Angelfish are one of the most beautiful freshwater fish but they are slow. Since they are slow they are not as active as other fish. These fish are kept alone or with similar kinds of fish slice active fish can hurt them. You need to have a great quality of water since they are sensitive to nitrates.

The Tiger Barb

beginners freshwater fish

If you want some active and hardy fish, the small striped Tiger Barb fish are exactly what you need. They are one of the schooling fish that lives in a group, with perfect synchronized movement making them very entertaining

Platy – Beginners Freshwater Fish

beginners freshwater fish

Platies are one of the favorites among beginners freshwater fish because they require little to no maintenance. Like other fish, the males have more coloration and thinner body while females are gray in color with a colorful tail.

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