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The term ‘breeding fish’ might sound a bit hard and tough, but it’s really not that difficult, as long as you are committed towards it. Keeping a fish is a fulfilling desire undertaking in itself. Breeding your own fish can be an excellent opportunity to get a bit more involved if you are interested. People tend to produce fish mostly for selling purposes and, in some cases, for personal purposes. If you are wondering about the easiest fish to breed, then this article will surely help you out. In this article, you will learn about the easiest fish to breed, what sorts of equipment you need, and lastly, the compatibility of the fish.

5 Fish That Are Easy to Keep
5 Fish That Are Easy to Keep

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Easiest Fish To Breed For More Profit

Depending upon the species of fish, their reproducing process differs. Different species of fish have different levels of difficulty while breeding. If you are eager to know which species of fish are easy to breed then we have briefly listed some of them below:

Guppy Fish

Guppies are livebearer fish; they are very easy to breed, which makes the best choice for beginner breeders. Guppies will not need any human intervention while breeding. For breeding, you can simply place a group of guppies in a tank and examine which ones mate with each other. With guppies, you can easily differentiate which one is male or female. Male guppies are more colorful and display stripes, patterns whereas female guppies are grey and lack fancy markings.

A female guppy can store sperms for months after mating. She can use this reserve to fertilize several batches of eggs, even months after mating with the male. You can place a group of guppies in an aquarium and watch them reproduce on their own. One problem with this fish is that the adult guppy tends to eat their own offspring. So, you will need a lot of hiding places for the fry.


Like Guppies, platies are livebearers too. They have attractive vivid colors with dramatic dark accents. Platies are easy to breed, but like the guppies, they can eat their own offspring. So, to avoid this, you have to remove a fry to separate the tank quickly. With platys, you should keep more females than males. Otherwise, the males may want to breed more than the females can safely accommodate, and as a result, it can lead to ill health. Apart from all these, platies are found to be easy breeding in comparison to other species of fish.

Molly Fish

Mollies require a bit of additional care in comparison to fish like guppies and platys, but it is also one of the easiest fish to breed. Mollies can grow up to 3 or 4 inches, and it has a variety of markings and colors. Similar to platies and guppies, mollies breeds like rabbits.

Baby mollies are somehow self-sufficient until you provide ample food and help them to stay out of harm. Mollies eat their offspring too, so, be sure you add a lot of hiding place.

Ameca Splendens

Ameca Splendens is also known as Butterfly splitfin. Although these fish were once common, nowadays, it’s rare to find. However, they are simple to breed, with an intriguing technique of reproduction. The trophy taenia is attached to the fish after the mom fish gives birth to fry nearly half her size.

However, if they’re kept in captivity. just like a breeding tank, the whole process of breeding of Ameca Splendens is worth and exciting to watch. And it is something that every aquarist must undergo at least once.

Firemouth Cichlids

Firemouth cichlids are known for the swatch of red that runs from their jawline down the length of their body. They can be six inches long and can live for several years. Since they are big, you have to get a larger tank for them (at least 50 gallons).

For optimal breeding conditions, keep Firemouth cichlids in clean water and appropriate tank size. Firemouths usually mate quite readily. You can purchase a mating pair, or you can add a group of Juveniles together like around six or eight fish. They will most likely be a couple as they get older. A female Firemouth will lay her eggs on a rock or decorative object and the male will fertilize them. Firemouths are excellent parents; unlike livebearers, they protect their offspring.

Once eggs are hatched, they will be close to their parents until they get old enough.

Zebra Danios

For anyone who wants to dip their toe in breeding, Zebra Danios is one the easiest and fastest fish to breed. The spawning process occurs continuously in Zebra Danios. But unfortunately, adult ones usually feed on their own eggs, so you have to be a bit aware of it. You will need a separate breeding tank for zebra danios.

Also to keep the eggs safe from the parents, you can use a net at the bottom of the tank. This way, the egg could pass and roll down to the bottom of the tank; safe from the parents.

Rosy Red Minnows

Rosy red minnows are the underrated fish. But it lies in the list of easiest fish to breed with no doubt.

A female Rosy Red Minnows can lay as much as 400 eggs at a time. And like the Firemouth cichlids, male rosy red minnows protect their eggs once they fertilize. It takes around 5 days to hatch them into fry.


Anableps is usually known for its unique eyes, the fish is also known as four-eyed fish.  These fish are generally large and can grow to be a foot long. This, of course, requires you to get a larger tank if you want to breed then.

Anableps have one distinct trait than other fish; they are one-sided breeder, which means sex organs of both male and female are situated to one side of their body. Due to this, a right-sided male can only mate with a left-sided female and vice-versa.

One other thing that you have to be concerned about is that Anableps can become aggressive with each other if they feel competitive and threatened. You have to make sure that the number of females is more than the male in the group to maintain peace among them.

Swordtail Fish

The male Swordtail fish has its own signature ‘sword-like’ tail. This fish can adapt to several water conditions. Swordtail Fish are livebearers, therefore gives birth to young ones. Swordtail fish breeds like rabbits and the fry grow fast too. So, you will be able to sell them quickly.

Endlers Livebearer

If you are wondering which fish to breed for more profit, you surely have to choose Endlers Livebearer. The males of the species might be a fluorescent color, whereas the female ones have a clear silver or grey color in their body.

After the mating process, the embryos will be fully developed around twenty to forty days. If they are provided with sufficient enriched food, the fry can get old remarkably.

Overall, Endlers Livebearer is a great fish to breed for profit as long as they have a peaceful community within them.

Fancy Guppies

These fish are one of the best choices if you are searching for a fish with more profit. Generally, the male usually has vibrant and massive caudal fins. Some strains of the fish do sell for a great price.

Equipment Needed for Breeding Fish

The first thing comes first, before buying any fish you must have all the necessary equipment with you. There are different kinds of aquarium equipment available in the market that might get you in confusion. No one wants to take the extra expenses in buying unessential equipment for sure. So, we have list all the most critical equipment for getting started. Let’s have a closer look;

Fish Tank

You need a fish tank for your fish. But some people tend to skip it by trying to use a bowl, a glass, a jar, or any containers for their fish, which is a terrible idea. No other thing can replace the need for aquarium.

Simply you cannot maintain water temperature, water hardness, and pH level in a tiny container. Adding further, it is also next to impossible to install the necessary equipment in a small space. So without a proper aquarium tank, you cannot keep fish in good condition. The size of the tank will depend on the fish you want to keep. So, to make it simple; one inch of a fish requires one gallon of water. so, if the maximum size of an adult fish is 2 inches, a 10-gallon can hold 4 of its kind; leaving 2 gallons for the decorations and other equipment taking up aquarium space.

An Aquarium Filter

The next important thing you have to get for your fish is an aquarium filter. No one should keep a fish in captivity with the absence of an aquarium filter running 24/7. Many people have a dilemma that fish can survive without an aquarium filter, but in reality, your fish will eventually die an unnatural death within some periods. An aquarium fish is mainly for biological filtration. And without a filter, the toxic and harmful chemicals present in the water won’t be eliminated, and as a result, it will kill your fish.

Water Conditioner for Aquarium

A proper water conditioner is needed if you are using tap water for your aquarium. Tap water is the easiest source of water that you might want to use in your aquarium, but it contains chlorine and chloramine like chemicals that are very harmful to your fish. So, to eliminate those harmful toxicities, you need a proper water conditioner for your tap water. Mostly water conditioners in the market are in liquid form, and a few drops will do the job.

An Aquarium Heater

Fish are cold-blooded animals so they need a proper water temperature constantly to survive, there is a need for an aquarium heater. An aquarium heater tends to maintain the suitable water temperature for your fish and will automatically turn off once it has reached the required water temperature.

Air Pump

An aquarium Air pump is a must for promoting gas exchange between the atmosphere and water. In the absence of an air pump, your fish won’t get adequate oxygen, and it will die. So an aquarium air pump lies in one of the important equipment required for your fish.

Above mentioned equipment is the prior needed equipment which you have to get before buying fish. To eliminate unnecessary expenses, you can ignore other equipment like an aquarium hood, gravel, gravel vacuum, a fishnet, and decorations.

Compatibility of Aquarium Fish

After getting the necessary equipment, the next important thing you have to consider is the species of fish you want to keep. No different species of fish are compatible with each other; you have to be mindful before adding up any type of fish. Therefore, you need to check the compatibility of the fish to provide a happy, healthy, and friendly community for the fish.

Maintaining Water Parameters

After going through all the above procedures, now you have to simply focus on maintaining water parameters. The water parameter is the base of the fish’s survival. There are many factors that can degrade your water quality and emit the risk. So, to get rid of all this you have to follow the following;

  • Water Temperature: Not every fish prefer the same aquarium temperature. So you need to adjust your aquarium temperature according to the type of your fish.
  • Water Change: You have to change at least 25% of the aquarium water on a weekly basis.
  • Using test kits: There are a variety of test kits available, you can use to test the quality of your water. Test kits give you the accurate value of ph, ammonia, nitrate, nitrite, etc of the water.
  • Adding filters: Filters are the best to eliminate the impurities of water and help to stabilize the proper quality of water. You can easily get a filter for your aquarium.


Action without thinking and thinking without action always gives you failure in everything. So, with the implementation of proper facts and information, everything is easy in this world, and if not, then everything will be hard for you. Act upon things according to the given information, and you will surely be going to make a lot of profit through fish breeding. And even if you are a beginner and want to earn profit by fish breeding, then you can get it started right now.