Why Are Molly Fish So Popular Amongst Aquarists?

Molly fish is a popular name amongst aquarists. Within a short span of years, these fish are present worldwide and loved by many owners. Most Molly fish owners have no complaints about this fish. On the contrary, they enjoy keeping these fish and always suggest others do the same. But why do you think these fish are so popular? If you are looking for the reasons for this question, this post will help you. So read on, and you will get all your answers.

Molly fish are a peaceful and very social species of tropical freshwater aquarium fish that have gained immense popularity among aquarists for their small size and unique color patterns on their bodies. They are also great for more experienced aquarists looking to add some color or companionship to their tank. These fish comes in many different colors with interesting patterns on their bodies that help them camouflage themselves amongst plants or rocks.

What Type Of Fish Is Molly Fish?

Molly Fish are a species that lives in different types of water. These fish adapt well to most environmental conditions and have been popular among aquarists for a long time, as long as the 1890s.

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Molly Fish originated from South America. But they are widespread nowadays and present in Brazil. Mexico, the Caribbean, and other parts of South America. The adaptability of these fish to thrive in different habitats and the ease of breeding them is the reason behind this species’s enormous popularity.

More to this, the Molly fish is not just one single fish but a variety of fish that belongs to the family Poeciliidae. Most experts believe that there are nearly around 40 different types of Mollies in this family with different colors and body structures.  Thus, Mollies will always give the owners a variety to choose the best one among themselves.

All these particular attributes stand out among other breeds and are popular worldwide.

Is Molly Fish Popular Among Aquarists?

Yes, Molly fish are prevalent amongst aquarists. Molly fish are an excellent choice for any aquarium, and there are many reasons why Molly fish have become so popular in the last few decades.

Molly Fish are becoming increasingly popular among aquarists because they are very hardy, active, and entertaining. In addition, these fish do not require special aquarium conditions to survive compared to other species like bettas or goldfish that need particular water temperature ranges.

You can find Mollies in many different colors, making them fun for people who enjoy colorful fish. They are also very peaceful and make excellent tankmates for other fish species. Molly fish do not nip or attack other animals in the aquarium-like some cichlids.

Why Are Molly Fish So Popular Amongst Aquarists?

Molly fish are becoming more and more popular as pets. They can be an excellent addition to your aquarium because of their beautiful color and appealing attributes.

However, some of the reasons why Molly fish are so popular among aquarists are:


Molly fish are one of the cheapest types of tropical fish to buy. They do not require any special equipment like tanks with powerful filters or high levels of UV light. You can keep these fish in a smaller tank, as small as 25 gallons, with minimum tank facilities, and still, they will thrive quite well.


Molly fish are very hardy animals that will survive in most water conditions. This is an attractive trait for new hobbyists who don’t’ want to research tank recycling techniques. In addition, these fish will usually adapt quickly to their environment so that you won’t need many expensive additives for your tank.

Mollies are the best fish if you want a companion in your home but have very little time to care for them.

Don’t Require Huge Aquariums.

Usually, Molly fish has a minimal size. They can grow up to a length of four inches. Only some exceptional will grow to eight. Since these fish are small and can live just fine on their own, you do not need to invest in large aquariums to keep them.

They can live well in a community tank with some tankmates and plants or decorations. Rather than vast and costly aquariums, you can keep them in 25 to 30-gallon tanks with some filtration, air pumps, and non-aggressive companions.

Are Great For Children

One of the advantages of keeping Molly Fish as pets is that young children tend to like these little swimmers. Since Mollies are colorful, cute, and easy to care for, they become an in-house companion for your children. Your kid can spend hours watching this vibrant fish swim around in the tank.

Thus, keeping Molly fish makes excellent sense if you want your child to enjoy owning a pet. It will help teach responsibility while having fun at the same time.

Interesting Nature

Molly fish are fascinating fish. Unlike other fish species, they will give natural birth to their young ones. They also swim more actively at night and are bottom dwellers. Besides this, you can get them in various colors, shapes, sizes, and varieties. 

The ease with which they breed in a tank with lesser facilities and the growth phases of these fish are exciting things to watch for. Thus, they are exciting to fish.

Easy to Keep

Molly Fish are also easy to keep because they don’t’ require a lot of equipment. These fish do not have high oxygen requirements, so you won’t’ need an expensive air pump or filter. They can tolerate lower levels of water flow and the low oxygen content in the tank, which makes them great for beginners.

Great For Community Tanks

Molly Fish will cohabitate with other types of tropical fish with similar needs and are peaceful. In addition, these fish will usually adapt quickly to their environment. So you won’t need many expensive additives for your tank either.

Furthermore, these fish do not fight for food and are competitive. So, in a well-maintained tank with non-aggressive tankmates, Mollies will live happily for many years.

Easy To Breed

Breeding Molly fish at home is comparatively more accessible than other fish. It would be best to have a breeding tank with optimum water parameters and some healthy fish.

After spawning, separate the males and females. Keep the females in a separate tank until they give birth to their younger ones. Then transfer the molly fry to the main tank only when they are big enough.

Younger fry gets nutrition from their yolk sac for a few days and can eat similar food (a little moist food) as adult fish. Thus, fry is also easy to keep. You can breed these fish every 4 to 6 six weeks to get several fry from this fish with ease.

Have a Long Life Span

Usually, the average lifespan of Mollies is three to five years. But if you care for them properly, they can even live for about eight years. So, Molly fish become a long-term commitment. These fish also don’t’ get very big, making them more accessible and less expensive to feed than larger tropical fish such as Oscars or Catfish.

Great For Beginners

Molly Fish will usually adapt quickly to their environment so you won’t need many expensive additives for your tank either.

In addition, they are relatively easy to breed, which is another reason Molly fish are so popular among aquarists. This makes Molly fish fascinating pets because you can breed them in large numbers with enough tanks.

Mollies tolerate a slight change in the environment and can thrive through most water conditions. So, this fish is the best fish to experiment with for beginners.

Don’t Require A Lot Of Space.

Molly Fish grow up to about four inches long. Since they are relatively small, you can keep large varieties of this fish in a small tank.

In addition, these fish can live together in a community tank with other types of tropical fish that have similar needs and won’t’ be aggressive towards them or compete for food.

Molly Fish are very hardy animals that will survive in most water conditions. This is an attractive trait for new hobbyists who don’t want to spend time researching tank cycling techniques.

Some Tips To Keep Molly Fish In Aquarium

Molly fish is one of the most popular and beautiful fish in the home aquarium. If you are for them properly, they can live for over four to six years. So, some of the tips to keep Molly fish in an aquarium are:

  • Ensure that the aquarium has enough room for Molly fish to move. These fish prefer to live in a group.
  • Feed Molly enough fish. They are omnivorous that eat both plants and animals. If you want to rely on commercial foods, flake pellets are best for them.
  • It’s also advisable not to keep other species such as predator fishes like cichlids or barbs. Molly fish will become easy prey for them.
  • If Molly fish breed in the aquarium, separate the male from the female immediately after the spawning.
  • Maintain optimum water parameters inside the aquarium because Molly Fish is very sensitive to water quality. Thus, keep the tank water at a temperature of 25-27C, use air pumps and filters, and maintain the pH between 7.5 and 8.5.
  • Use regular fluorescent or LED lights in the tank to help your fish swim at night.
  • Place non-toxic live plants in the tank to provide Molly fish with hiding space. 
  • Do not forget about weekly 25% water changes.

Regularly check Molly fish for the black spots on their skin and signs of illness or diseases. If you find such marks, do not waste time, and treat Molly Fish immediately.

Some FAQs

What Are The Different Molly Species?

Molly fish are not a single fish species but comprise a variety of fishes. Usually, there are anonymous types of Mollies present in the world. However, some experts believe that around 40 different Mollies are present in Poeciliidae alone.

Moreover, all these mollies fall under three basic categories: Sailfin Mollies, Shortfin Molly fish, and Lyretail Mollies.

What Is Molly Fish Diet?

Molly fish are omnivores. They can eat different types of plants and animals. But their diet usually depends on the type of Molly Fish you have.

For example, some wild Mollies feed on algae, smaller insects, and crustaceans present in the vegetation. In contrast, the Mollies in captivity eat various foods, including flake food, frozen bloodworms, live brine shrimp, or mosquito larvae. But the best commercial food for them is flake pellets that consist of all the essential nutrients.

How Should Big Be The Molly Fish Tank?

Molly fish are tropical livebearers. So, their tanks should be at least 30 gallons to grow and reproduce naturally. Besdies this, keep some plants, non-aggressive tankmates, filters, air pumps, decorations, lights, etc., in the tank.

What Is Molly Fish Temperament Like?

Molly fish can get very aggressive towards each other in various situations but are quite peaceful and social fish most times. Hence, keeping one Molly per tank is important unless you have a huge aquarium, such as 30 gallons or more.

In addition, they sometimes become nippy, especially if they feel threatened by another fish. This results in Molly, with lesser confidence losing an eye.

If this happens constantly, it is best to check the eyes of your Molly fish. They might show this behavior against any potential problems that may arise from scuffling again when there isn’t’ enough space for them.

How Easy Are Molly Fish To Care For?

If you stick to feeding your tropical mollies flake food twice a day, caring for Molly Fish is relatively easy. Still, you should make sure that you keep up with water changes and check the water regularly for any potential problems such as ammonia or nitrite spikes.

You have to take care of molly fish fry from the very beginning to have a healthy and happy molly fish in the later years.


In conclusion, Molly Fish is a prevalent aquarium fish. They tend to be smaller, making them great for small tanks or bowls. This fish is an enjoyable species of freshwater fish. They are active and love to swim around in the tank. So,  these fish will be a companion to share your day with when you rest at home. Keeping pets like Mollies is an excellent way to energize and entertain yourself.

Hopefully, this guide will help you determine whether Molly Fish is the right fish for you. Thank you for reading!