Why Do Angelfish Jump Out Of Tank?

Some behavior of your beautiful angelfish might surprise you, whether it be angelfish’s gender change, color change, jumping behavior, or feeding habits. In my few years of angelfish keeping, I often find my angels trying to jump out of the tank. This habit of my fish stresses me a lot. So, I always wonder why angelfish jump out of the tank.

There are a lot of reasons why angelfish jump. If you notice your angelfish jumping out of the tank, it might be due to stress, anxiety, or fear. Some angels jump out of the tank due to the unclean tank, lack of oxygen, presence of bully fish, and lack of hiding spots. Moreover, your fish might jump out when your tank does not have ideal water conditions.

All these behaviors are harmful to your fish. I have faced this situation a lot, and I will share some tips to help you keep your angelfish stay in your tank. Hope you will follow through to the end and that this post helps you.

Do Angelfish Jump?

Yes, your beloved angelfish do jump. It is an interesting fact about angelfish. Although your little ones are not aggressive fish, these fish can be notorious sometimes. As a result, you might often find your angelfish jumping out of the tank, which might worry you.

It’s common in angelfish to jump; you will find them swimming around, jumping in and out of the water. Some believe that this is a way of communication for angelfish. These fish use it to send messages to other members in the shoal.

However, jumping is not always a sign of a happy fish. If your angelfish is not content, it might jump out of the tank in search of a new and happier home. There may be a lot of reasons why angelfish might be jumping. If you have an angelfish, you might know a few of them too.

Why Do Angelfish Jump Out Of Tanks?

Angelfish is a happy and jolly fish. Usually, you won’t find your angelfish staying still at the bottom of the tank. These active creatures would rather swim around and explore their surroundings. But jumping out of the tank is a completely different story. So, why do angelfish jump out of the tank?

After doing a little research, I have found a few things that might cause angelfish to jump out of the tank. It might be because:

Too Hot Or Cold Tank

If the water in your tank is too hot, it could be one of the reasons why your angelfish is trying to jump out. Angelfish are tropical fish. Thus, these fish prefer a water temperature between 78 to 84 degrees Fahrenheit.

If the temperature in your tank is higher than that, your angelfish might feel uncomfortable and stressed. As a result, the fish would try to jump out of the tank to escape the heat.

Similarly, the too-cold water could also make your angelfish sick. If the water in your tank is below 75 degrees Fahrenheit, your angels might start to experience some health issues such as lethargy and disease. These issues lead to stress and, eventually, jumping out of the tank.

Smaller Tank

As mentioned above, angelfish are active fish that loves to move around. Moreover, angelfish are also shoaling fish that lives in a group of at least six fish. These beauties thrive best when you keep them together.

Furthermore, coming from a natural habitat with lots of vegetation, these fish also like to have a lot of hiding spots in their tank. Therefore, if your tank is too small and doesn’t provide enough space for your angelfish to move around or doesn’t have enough hiding spots, your angelfish might jump out of the tank due to stress.

Too Bright Tank

Of course, angelfish love and need light. But bright light could also be one of the reasons why your angelfish is trying to jump out of the tank. So your little guys need the perfect amount of light and shade to feel comfortable in their tank.

If the light in your tank is too bright, it might cause your angelfish to feel stressed. Furthermore, the wrong type of light might even make your angels aggressive. As a result, your angelfish might try to jump out of the tank to escape the bright light.

Poor Water Quality

The popular angelfish among aquarists are freshwater fish. I, too, feel freshwater fish are a little easier to keep. But when you keep freshwater angels, you must be a little more careful about the water quality.

If you want a happy and healthier angelfish, water quality is one of the most important things you need to take care of. Poor water quality stresses them and makes them more prone to angelfish diseases. As a result, your angelfish might try to jump out of the tank to escape the poor water quality.

Lack Of Oxygen

Most aquarists skip the fact that angelfish need oxygen to survive. Angelfish are labyrinth fish. This means these fish have a special organ that helps them to breathe air directly from the surface of the water.

If your tank doesn’t have enough oxygen, it might cause your angelfish to feel suffocated. Eventually, your little buddies will start swimming erratically or in circles and jumping out of the tank.

Angelfish Diseases

Despite being hardy, angelfish are prone to a lot of health issues. I feel that angelfish are one of the most sensitive fish I have in the tank. When your pet faces health problems or struggles with illness, it feels irritated and anxious.

So, out of their anxiety, these little guys start jumping out of the tank or bumping into objects in the tank. Usually, some common diseases that could make your angelfish jump out of the tank are:

  • Swim bladder disorder
  • Ichthyophthirius multifiliis
  • Flukes velvet disease
  • Hole in the head disease
  • Fin Rot

If you notice your angelfish is trying to jump out of the tank and is also showing some other symptoms such as lethargy, loss of appetite, spots on the body, etc., it’s time to take immediate action.

Stress Or Fear

By now, you are well aware that angelfish are very sensitive. So, if you fail to provide an ideal environment for your buddies, these little creatures will start to feel stressed. And, when your angelfish are stressed, they might try to jump out of the tank.

Besides that, sudden changes in the tank, such as new fish, new decorations, etc., could also make your angelfish, anxious, and stressed. Moreover, lack of proper hiding spaces, inadequate food, and too much light could also stress your angelfish. Consequently, your angelfish might start jumping out of the tank.

Wrong Tankmates

Most often, angelfish are peaceful fish. However, if you keep these fish with the right tankmates, you will see your angelfish are very social creatures. These tinny creatures love to interact and play with their tank mates.

But, if you keep them with the wrong tankmates, such as aggressive fish or fish that are too big, your angelfish will always feel stressed. Generally, keeping your little buddies with bullying fish like oscar, green terror, etc., could make your angelfish jump out of the tank.

As you can see, there are many reasons your angelfish is trying to jump out of the tank. Identifying the reason behind this behavior and taking necessary action to resolve the issue is important. Otherwise, your angelfish might not survive for long.

What To Do When Angelfish Jump Out Of Tank?

Water is the world for angelfish. Just like humans can’t survive without air, angelfish can’t survive without water. That’s why when they jump out of the tank, you first need to get them back into the water as soon as possible.

However, if you have an angelfish that constantly jump out of the tank, something must be wrong, so here are a few things you can do to prevent it from happening again.

Cover Your Tank

Jumping, swimming around, and exploring are the nature of angelfish. These fish are curious creatures that want to know everything about their surrounding. So, it’s not surprising if your notorious buddies sometimes jump out of the tank when they see something outside of it.

Covering your tank with a glass or acrylic lid would be best to prevent this. Ensure there is no gap between the lid and the tank because angelfish can jump pretty high. You can also use a screen top, but it’s not as effective as a glass or acrylic lid.

Add More Live Plants

Angelfish come from a surrounding with lots of plants. In the wild, these fish spend most of their time hiding behind the plants. Adding more live plants to your tank can make them feel at home and prevent them from jumping out of it.

Adding live plants to your tank has many benefits, such as providing hiding places for your fish, increasing oxygen levels, and improving water quality. So, it’s a win-win solution for you and your angelfish.

Maintain The Water Quality

If your angelfish is jumping out of the tank constantly, it might be a sign that the water quality in your tank is not good. These fish are very sensitive to changes in water quality, so even a small change can make them stressed.

To fix this, you need to do a water test and determine what’s wrong with the water quality. For example, if the ammonia or nitrite levels are high, you must do a water change immediately. You can also add an air stone to increase oxygen levels in the water. Furthermore, adding heaters, air pumps, filters, and other equipment can also help to improve water quality.

Maintain A Clean And Healthy Environment

A clean and healthy environment is essential for all fish, including angelfish. A dirty tank can cause stress and make your fish sick. So, you need to do a water change regularly and clean the tank weekly.

But always be careful when cleaning the tank because angelfish are very sensitive to environmental changes. When cleaning the tank, ensure you don’t use harsh chemicals or cleaners that can harm your fish. In addition, do the cleaning or changing gradually to give your fish time to adjust.

Provide Stress-Free Environment

Angelfish are very sensitive to stress. So, it’s important to provide them with a stress-free environment. Many things can cause stress to your fish, such as changes in water quality, temperature, and lighting. Also, having too many fish in the tank can be stressful.

To prevent this from happening, you must do a water test regularly and ensure the water quality is good. In addition, you should also maintain the temperature and lighting in the tank. Furthermore, it would be best to put only a few fish in the tank so they have enough space to swim around. Finally, also choose appropriate mates for your angelfish to avoid aggression.

I am sure following these tips, you can prevent your angelfish from jumping out of the tank. These will also help you to create a comfortable environment for your fish and make them feel at home.


How To Angelfish Leap Out Of Tank?

Angelfish are active fish that like to jump and play. Usually, these fish curve inward, forming a “C” shape. This helps the fish to generate lift and propel them out of the water. Also, their strong tails help to push themselves off the ground and into the air.

When Do Angelfish Jump Out Of Tank?

Angelfish typically jump when they are excited, startled, or trying to escape something. For example, if another fish is chasing an angel, it may jump out of the tank in an attempt to escape.

What Are The Risks Of Angelfish Jumping Out Of Tank?

Angelfish that jump out of the tank are at risk of injury, dehydration, and death. When angel fish jump, they can hit their head on the tank glass or land on the floor, which can cause serious injuries. In addition, these fish cannot survive out of water for very long and will quickly dehydrate.


So, why do angelfish jump out of the tank? There could be many reasons, but the most likely explanation is that they are trying to escape some environmental stressor. Whether it’s something as simple as too much light or noise, or something more serious like poor water quality, angelfish will often try to jump out of the tank to escape it. If you notice your angelfish jumping, try to identify the stressor and remove it if possible. If not, ensure a tight-fitting lid on your tank to prevent escapes!

Do you have an angelfish that’s a jumper? Let us know in the comments below.