Best Fish Tank For Kids: With Pros and Cons

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The hobby of fishkeeping doesn’t demand an age as anyone from kids under ten years old to adults can follow this hobby. If kids follow it from an early age starting with hardy fish and already setup tank, then fishkeeping will surely become easier for them in the future. Kids that have experience in the field from an early age can easily care for the most difficult of fish like discus and Oscars in the near future.

So, it is essential to give a good head start so that their confidence can be boosted. For this, parents or kids themselves must start with an easy fish tank or readymade ones that come with perfect appliances attached. Any kid under ten years will gain significant experience if he/she keeps such readily available tanks for a few years.

Apart from the pleasure of having a fish tank, this teaches kids to be responsible regarding the care of living creatures.

In this section, I have enlisted and discussed some tank that any kid would love along with the perfect fish or combo that would go with the tank. You will be able to compare each of the tanks and know about their pros and cons before getting them for your kids. So, let’s get straight into the subject.

Best Fish Tank for Kids

The fish tank that I have mentioned below is effortless to keep, ideal for kids and is obviously for temporary use because they are all quite small. But kids will be able to keep one or sometimes even more than one fish in them. I have mentioned every tank below with their pros and cons, respectively.

Tetra LED Half Moon Aquarium

As the name suggests, it has a semi-circular cylindrical shape that resembles a half-moon. It is small, portable and suitable for one fish; especially we recommend one betta fish. Water capacity is about 1.1 gallons, which are good enough for most of the small fish like guppies as long as you are not keeping them for breeding purposes.

The tank comes with a LED light that you can place above or below the tank. Also, the flat back allows you to place it against a wall that provides steadiness.


  • Due to the flat back, you can easily place the tank against a wall.
  • The small size makes this aquarium more portable.
  • A powerful LED light makes the Tetra LED Half Moon Aquarium look more beautiful.
  • You can keep fish as a single betta easily for the short-term.


  • The bumps at the bottom, making it hard to put plants with huge bases.
  • We do not recommend this tank for long-term fishkeeping.

Aqueon Fish Tank Aquarium LED Kit, 10 Gallon

Unlike other aquariums in the list, this is probably the biggest one with the highest capacity, and we recommend this not only to kids but also to adult beginners. In Amazon, it is priced at $68.99, which is a good price considering a volume of 10 gallons and heater, filter, light, and thermometer included.

However, I would not personally recommend this to a kid below ten years old who is not mature enough to handle big things like this.

You can use this tank as a community tank where you can place schools of guppiesmollies, neon tetras, etc. either combined or not. A 10-gallon capacity is quite suitable for several species of small fishes out there, and I recommended this tank for a community fish.


  • Due to its large size, it can host a large number of fishes.
  • Necessary kits like low profile LED full hood, QuietFlow 10 LED PRO power filter, 50W heater, fish food, and thermometer are included.
  • A complete setup guide is included, which makes it easier for newbies to establish the tank.


  • Kids might get easily fed up with this aquarium because it is big and needs more caring than any other in the list.
  • Not easily portable because of the quite huge volume.

Marineland 5 Gallon Portrait Glass LED Aquarium Kit

This $55 aquarium is truly a piece of art, and I say this because of the sleek design and hidden filtration system.  The corners are curved instead of sharp edges, allowing you to get the complete view from all sides. The attached light comes with white LEDs that give daylight or sunlight effect and blue LEDs that give a moonlight effect.

Marineland 5 Gallon Portrait Glass LED Aquarium Kit is my personal best fish tank for kids in terms of price range and features.

Due to its 5-gallon size, it can host a single betta quite comfortably and other small fish like pair of male guppies.


  • It comes with blue and white LEDs that can give moonlight and sunlight effects, respectively.
  • The hinged lighting and sliding glass canopy provides easy access for feeding and cleaning.
  • It comes with an advanced 3-staged filter that is hidden, enhancing the view.
  • The curved corners resist the view obstruction.


  • The glass cover leaves tiny gaps in front of the corners that may allow snails to climb out of the tank, so be aware.
  • However, the LED lights can get very bright for sensitive fish like betta.

Hawkeye 3 Gallon 360 Aquarium

When it comes to the 360-degree aquarium, there are very few people who will not love it as a 360-degree aquarium allows us to see fish from all angles. The filtration system is and under-gravel system, so you may not have to worry about sedimented waste like food particles.

The LED light comes with 12 different color modes which kids will love. An air pump and a convenient feeding hole are included to make fishkeeping as easier as it can be.


  • It reduces space complexity as it is somewhat the same size as a dustbin and very portable.
  • The 360-degree view is the plus point.
  • A filter, air pump, and LED with various variants are included.


  • It doesn’t come with a heater you might have trouble finding one that fits this small tank.
  • There might be no space for plants and other decorations.

Fluval SPEC Desktop Glass Aquarium

This aquarium is an ideal choice for kids and office desk. The 2-gallon tank’s filter can circulate 40 gallons of water in an hour. The 3-stage filter is concealed by frosted glass that helps to maintain the beauty of the tank. Coarse foam, carbon, and Biomax provide mechanical, chemical, and biological filtration to the tank, making it a complete tank. This nano-tank comes with 32 attached LED lights above the structure that can provide illumination for plants.

However, this tank cannot hold an abundance of fish, so you must be careful while picking them.


  • The neatly hidden filter provides a great view of the tank.
  • The circulation pump can circulate 40 gallons of water in an hour.


  • Rocks and plants are not included.
  • Sensitive glass in used in the making.

Fluval View Oval Plastic Aquarium

This oval-shaped plastic tank is more like a container than an aquarium, but due to its 4-gallon capacity, it can host a betta easily or several other fish. It allows you a complete and unobstructed view of the fish from all angles. The tank comes attached with ten white LEDs, and a blue LED allowing both daylight and moonlight effect.

Integrated pumps and filters of low voltage are included making them easily accessible and cost-efficient. The filter has two cartridges, and both of them use carbon and zeolite for filtration.


  • Due to its transparent structure, you can see fish from all sides.
  • The 4-gallons capacity allows you to host a fish like a betta.
  • Attached lights, pump, and filter makes it a complete nano-tank.


  • The plastic can be a little fragile when it is full.

My Fun Fish Aquarium

The My Fun Fish Aquarium is a self-cleaning tank that uses clean gravity technology to keep the water clean. It is perfect for those kids that are not ready for a bigger aquarium as it is just half a gallon and can contain only one fish.

The tank comes attached with LED light and aquatic plants. This tank is easy to set up and easy to maintain as your kid will not have to concern the cleanliness of the tank. Due to its small size, it can fit anywhere conveniently, and you can move it from one place to another quite easily. For the price you are paying, it provides you a lot.


  • Because of the self-cleaning nature, we recommend this tank highly to kids.
  • The tank comes with aquatic plants and LED lights.
  • You can view your fish from all angles.
  • My Fun Fish Aquarium is very cheap, and you can get it from Amazon at $9.


  • It is not that spacious, and keeping fish in it would be similar to a crime.
  • This tank is not durable.

GloFish Aquarium Kit

These aquariums are specifically designed to keep GloFish like zebrafish and tetras. The GloFish are genetically engineered fish that, under certain lighting conditions, give the effect that they are illuminating.

The GloFish Aquarium kit is an elegantly designed aquarium with a curved design, which gives it a crescent, seamless structure. The tank comes with 15 LED blue lights, a filtration system that provides mechanical and chemical filtration.

The GLoFish tank comes in 5-gallon, 10-gallon, and 20-gallon variants providing options for almost all kinds of fish that you have. Although it comes with a lid that prevents the suicidal jumpers, the lid is quite fragile, and you can damage it easily after a few uses. Priced at $39.84 at Amazon, this tank might be perfect for hosting glow fishes likes zebra, neon tetras, and long-fin tetras.


  • The filter size is medium, and you can place it anywhere in the aquarium.
  • This tank comes with 15 LED lights so that illumination won’t be an issue.
  • You will also get Micro-bag and micro-filter for filtration.


  • The lid is quite flimsy, and you can damage it easily after several uses.
  • There is only one light streaming from the LED, and the blue light also has effects on human eyes.

Tetra 1.8 Gallon Waterfall Globe Aquarium Kit

This aquarium takes the concept of traditional fish keeping in a “fish-bowl” to the next level, and the design is so good that you or your kid won’t be able to resist getting this if you have a look at it once. This 1.8-gallon tank comes with a built-in waterfall system, filter, and low voltage LED lights. The filter uses Whisper Small Bio-Bag in the filter cartridges, and the light comes with a switch button.

A single low voltage power cord powers both filter and LED lights, which is beneficial because the bowl won’t look messy with all the wires. Also, the filter cartridge is small, and it does not obstruct any swimming space for your fish.


  • Only one power cord powers the LED and pump-driven power filter, reducing the wire mess.
  • The tank is straightforward to set up, and the cleaning is also quite easy.
  • Also, the switch button for light gives you control over the light.


  • Due to the waterfall, the water flow is quite strong, so that it might affect a fish like a betta.
  • The hinge on the light hood is quite unsteady.


I think I have discussed all the best fish tank for kids that are easy to use. These above-enlisted aquariums are easily available on Amazon, and some of them might be in your local pet stores. The details about these products are from the product description section on Amazon, and the pros and cons are from the customer review section.

Most of the aquarium is under $50 and is extremely easy to clean, and most of the hardy fish can comfortably live in them. However, before bringing them, you must know whether you can keep your favorite fish in them or not.


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