Flourish Excel Overdose: Basic Guide to Planting and Dosing

Flourish Excel Overdose- Basic Guide to Planting and Dosing

Hey, aquarium hobbyists! Flourish Excel is the latest and most talked about topic in the planted tank world. It comes in many different sizes. But the most popular option is the bottle of Flourish Excel that you can find at your local pet store. Many questions are floating around about this product. So, we will … Read more

4+ Best Aquarium Gravel for Freshwater Aquarium

best aquarium gravel for freshwater aquarium

In your aquarium, what is at the bottom? The substrate, or aquarium gravel, is one of the topics that is frequently discussed while you are getting ready to set up a new aquarium. Substrates are one of the crucial elements you’ll need when putting up a freshwater aquarium. The term “substrates” simply refers to a … Read more

Find The Right Sponge Filter For Your Betta Or Other Small Fish

One of the simplest and most dependable filtration systems you can acquire for your setup, regardless of whether you are unfamiliar with the world of underwater pets or you have been riding this wave for a long time. Sponge filters will just be your filter of selection if you require something simple and efficient, and … Read more

Aquarium Bubblers and Air Stones: Which Is Best?

air stones and air bubblers

If you enjoy aquariums and have a lovely fish tank in your home, it is likely that you wish to decorate it with attractive fish and floating plants. But did you know that air stones and bubblers can be a crucial component of your aquarium by giving it enough oxygen and enhancing the environment with … Read more

Automatic Fish Feeder: Everything You Need To Know

automatic fish feeder

We are responsible for maintaining a healthy aquarium for the fish in it. It is crucial to maintain stability and consistency while caring for aquariums. Both freshwater and saltwater fish need a balanced diet to produce attractive colors, grow, and stay healthy. The majority of aquarists feed their fish primarily with high-quality prepared diets like … Read more

The Best 10-Gallon Fish Tank Stands: How To Choose?

10 gallon fish tank stands

Keeping an aquarium is not simple. Everything requires time and work to be precisely how you envisioned it, from picking the correct one to caring for the fish inside of it. When you think about rearing fish, a fish tank stand may not be the first item that springs to mind, but it is crucial … Read more

Does API Quick Start Work?

API quick start work

Nitrifying bacteria in API Quick Start transform ammonium and nitrites into nontoxic nitrates, which are suitable for a typical aquarium. Normally, once the tank starts filtering, you ought to wait for weeks before adding your fish. You will not need to wait as long with this product. Yes, API quickstart works. As aquarium owners, we … Read more

Gravel Cleaner For 10-Gallon Tank: How To Use And Best Ones

gravel cleaners for 10 gallon tank

Stress is one of the most typical factors in both freshwater and marine fish diseases. Maintaining your aquarium meticulously clean is essential if you want your fish to grow, as poor water quality in the aquarium frequently results in stress. However, removing fish waste and waste from the substrate might be difficult and disturb the … Read more

Can You Put A Heater In A Plastic Aquarium?

can you put a heater in a plastic aquarium

As fish keepers, we occasionally need to keep multiple aquariums for emergencies so that we can move part of our fish there. These emergencies can include certain fish developing diseases, being highly aggressive, being reproductive, and many more. As a fish owner, having a spare aquarium is essential, and since it isn’t our primary tank, … Read more

DIY LED Aquarium Light: Step By Step Guide

DIY aquarium LED lights

Is it necessary to keep led light in the aquarium? The answer to this question is obviously yes! Fish needs plenty of light (sunlight/ artificial lighting). The natural light in the room is sufficient. Fish do not compulsorily need artificial lights. However, if the aquarium is placed in a darker room, you sure need an … Read more