How Long Can African Side Neck Turtles Stay Out Of Water? Surprising Facts

african side neck turtles stay out of water

African Side Neck Turtles, also known as African Helmeted Turtles or Pelomedusid Turtles, are a species of freshwater turtles found in sub-Saharan Africa. As their name suggests, their necks are positioned sideways and tucked underneath their shells rather than being pulled straight back like other turtles. How Long Can African Side Neck Turtles Stay Out … Read more

5+ Ways To Keep A Turtle Warm Without A Heat Lamp?

keep a turtle warm

Artificially maintaining a tank is quite easy, but does it make your turtle happy? Probably not! So, how can you keep your turtle warm without a heat lamp, then? Let us find out! To make a turtle feel more at home and provide a natural habitat, we can eliminate certain equipment that makes the turtle … Read more

Can I Clean My Fish Tank With Vinegar: Easiest Way To Save Money

can I use vinegar to clean my fish tank

Do you want the best for your fish but also do not want to do anything that can harm your fish? I can relate. Cleaning the tank without hurting the fish in it is quite difficult. In this article, I will answer the question, “Can I Clean My Fish Tank With Vinegar?”. This question is … Read more

Ruby Clown Cichlid: A Detailed Care Guide

Ruby Clown Cichlid

Ruby Clown Cichlid is one of the best additions to your tank, and there is no question about it. But what are they like? How can you take care of Ruby Clown in your tank? These Ruby clown cichlids, also popularly known as Bolivian Ram Cichlids, are colorful freshwater fish. They are very peaceful and … Read more

Peter’s Elephantnose Fish: Unique Facts, Food, Disease, Tankmates

Peter's Elephantnose Fish

Are you wondering about bringing an unusual sea animal into your freshwater aquarium? Then, Elephant nose fish could be a great choice. Peter’s Elephantnose fish is a unique featured fish that is not common among aquarium keepers. Once you hear “Elephant nose,” you immediately have an iconic picturization of Peter’s elephant nose fish. But if … Read more

4 Unusual Places Where Beneficial Bacteria Live In Your Aquarium

beneficial bacteria live

Many aquarists debate the fact that beneficial bacteria are essential for the tank. This can be true to some extent. However, you might also be growing some bad bacteria that may harm the health of your fish. So, where do these beneficial bacteria live in your aquarium? Well, the beneficial bacteria reside anywhere in the … Read more

Flourish Excel Overdose: Basic Guide to Planting and Dosing

Flourish Excel Overdose- Basic Guide to Planting and Dosing

Hey, aquarium hobbyists! Flourish Excel is the latest and most talked about topic in the planted tank world. It comes in many different sizes. But the most popular option is the bottle of Flourish Excel that you can find at your local pet store. Many questions are floating around about this product. So, we will … Read more

Fancy Goldfish Care: Tankmates, Breeding, And 4+ Types

fancy goldfish care

An excellent example of a carefully bred freshwater carp relative, fancy goldfish (Carassius auratus), seems to be available in a wide range of hues, forms, and other characteristics. Fancy goldfish have flowing double tails and sluggish, egg-shaped bodies, which necessitate particular considerations in contrast to regular goldfish, which have single tails and streamlined bodies. These … Read more

Polar Parrot Cichlids: Tank Requirement, Lifespan, Breeding, Tank Mates

polar parrot cichlid

The hybrid parrot cichlids are truly amazing fish to watch in your aquarium. Polar parrot cichlids have a lot of personalities combined with their compact shape and form. It makes them one of the cutest fish in the fishkeeping hobby. The Polar Parrot Cichlids, or the hybrid Parrot cichlids, are one of the most unusual-looking … Read more

How Long Can Angelfish Go Without Food?

How Long Can Angelfish Go Without Food?

As I live all by myself, I always use to worry about my angelfish whenever I return home late. Now that I have learned more about these beautiful fish, I am trying to cope with this concern. If you are someone like me who lives alone, you might always wonder who would feed your fish … Read more