Can Fish Eat Human Food: What Are They And How To Prepare Them?

If you are a dedicated fish-keeper, you would look at your fish not just as a pet but also as a companion. Feeding and taking care of your fish should not just be limited to responsibility but it must be something that you love doing. Also, you should always know what you should and shouldn’t feed your fish. In today’s market, there is a large variety of options that you can choose from. There are various fish foods available for various kinds of fish. But what if you suddenly run out of the fish food and don’t have access to one? In such a case, is it possible to give them what you would eat? Can fish eat human food; what are they and how to prepare them? I will answer all of your questions in this article.

In this article, we will be discussing human food for fish. Since some human food can be a really good alternative for fish food, you will know about how to prepare them.            

Human Food Over Fish Food?

Fish food is specially produced for fish as they are rich in essential nutrients that your fish needs. You just buy these foods and drop them in the tank. Commercially available fish food comes in small pellets, is nutritious, and perfect for your fish. You don’t need to boil them or prepare them any differently. All you have to do is to store them in a cold place.

On the other hand, human food can create a mess. You have to boil some of them and chop them to fine pieces. Human food can also be nutritious for you fish but some food can be indigestible and can cause problems like bloating and swimming bladder disorder.

Choosing human food over fish food should not be prioritized at any cost. Some fish food may be quite expensive but this is the cost you have to pay for your easy fishkeeping experience, fish’s wellness, and long life.                        

Which Human Food Should Not Be Given To Fish?

There are various foods in your kitchen that you can give to your fish right now but some food can be harmful. They may soft and delicate while touching but a fish’s ability to digest these foods can be minimal.

Any kind of oily food should not be given to your fish. Seafood can be a good choice for most of your freshwater and seawater fish but prawns and mussels must not be relied on too heavily. These foods contain a chemical called thiaminase that breaks down vitamin B1.

Meat can be a good food option but you must know whether your fish is a carnivore or not. Meat containing fats can cause serious problems in fish. So, avoiding meat keeps you on the safe side. But there are some meats that aren’t too fatty, for example, beef heart. To conclude, organ meat is the best meat option for your fish rather than normal meat which contains lots of fats.   

What Human Food Can I Feed My Fish?

All human food may not be compatible with a fish’s diet. But some of the foods like carrots, cabbage, watermelon, and leafy green vegetables, etc. are rich in nutrients for fish. Hard-boiled egg yolks were traditionally used when specific fish food was not invented and people relied heavily on worms and insects to feed the fish. Even today people use boiled egg yolks to feed fries and sometimes even fully grown fishes. But you should be careful with egg yolks because if left uneaten, they can make the water cloudy and smelly. Rather than including egg yolks on their regular diet, you can use egg yolks as treats for fish and shrimps and even your turtles.

Feeding rice and pasta to fish is also very popular among fish-keepers these days. You simply drop cooked rice and boiled pasta in the tank and wait for some time. If the fish don’t go after them, you should immediately remove them from the tank.

If you have to leave your tanks for a few days and have nobody to look after the tank and feed your fish then placing a full boiled potato can be a good option. Despite the fact that this can result in overfeeding and ultimately killing your fish, it is the best option available. Food in water takes a long time to decay, so even for weeks, your fish won’t die of starvation. However, leaving your fish unattended for a few weeks can be troublesome due to the lack of water change and proper filtration.  

To sum up, foods like soya chunks, sweet potato, seafood, low-fat meat, boiled green peas, egg yolks, watermelon, cucumber, broccoli, carrots, and potato are the best human food that you can feed your fish.                

How To Prepare Human Food For Fish?

This question has no specific answer. However, a generalized answer would be to chop the food into finer pieces and boil it to make it softer for the fish to chew, swallow, and digest. But the boiling part only applies to hard vegetables like cucumber, carrot, potatoes, peas, broccoli, etc. that you fish cannot possibly eat if served raw.

A Simple Food Recipe

Now, I am going to share a nutritious food recipe that you can prepare for your fish within minutes. But note that this food should not be prioritized over fish food and should only be used when you run out of pellets and have no other choice.


  • Egg
  • Carrots
  • Broccoli   


  • The first step is to clean the carrots and broccoli properly and wash off any dirt from them.
  • Then you should grate the carrots and broccoli into fine pieces. Even after grating, if the pieces are too long then you should use your knife and randomly chop all the pieces.
  • Now break a raw egg and make a thin mixture of the yolk and the white. If needed you can add some water in it.
  • Then in this mixture, add the chopped carrots and broccoli. Stir the mixture well.
  • Finally, steam this mixture for 20 minutes and you will get a pancake type result.
  • Let the food cool down for some time.

Hence, your self-made fish food is ready. I had cooked and served this food for my goldfish and they went crazy for it. Remember, you just have to place a small piece of food at a time. You can store this in your freezer and can use it as regular treats.

In the same way, you can add boiled and smashed peas and chopped cucumber flesh, while making this food.

Some Other Ways To Prepare Human Food

Another efficient way to prepare and serve human food to fish is using cucumber and a bamboo straw. Note that when feeding cucumber to your fish, it should be peeled properly and only the flesh part must be given. Now, take a big chunk of cucumber flesh and shove a bamboo straw through it halfway. Submerge, the cucumber into the water completely with a part of straw outside the water. Now leave in the water or five minutes. After five minutes, pull the straw out. The only use of the straw is to pull the remaining food outside of the water conveniently without having to place your hand inside the water. You can use other similar stuff if you don’t have a bamboo straw.    


That is almost all the information you need to know regarding human food for your fish. But make sure that you don’t prioritize human food over fish food. Fish food contains all the nutrients in the best proportion that your fish needs. You fish might enjoy your homemade food, but commercially available fish food is always the best option.   

All in all, I think I have discussed everything related to human food for fish. I think you will be able to prepare one or two dishes for your fish and prevent them from starvation if you are away for a few days.


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