Flourish Excel Overdose- Basic Guide to Planting and Dosing

Hey, aquarium hobbyists! The latest and most talked about topic in the planted tank world is Flourish Excel. It comes in many different sizes. But the most popular option is the bottle of Flourish Excel that you can find at your local pet store. Many questions are floating around about this product. So, we will answer them here and provide you with some dosage instructions. Can you overdose flourish excel?

Yes, you can overdose Flourish Excel, so please be careful with how much you dose your plants. You should only dose flourish excel when needed which can be as often as once a week or as rare as once every few months.

Flourish Excel is a supplement that you can use to increase the growth and health of your plants. It is also known as a “plant food.”

This blog post will explain what Flourish Excel is and if you can overdose flourish excel in your tank or not. Similarly, we will talk about how it works when you should dose it, how much to use, and many other topics. You will find this information helpful if you plan on using Flourish Excel in your aquarium for plant care!

What Is Flourish Excel?

Flourish Excel is a plant supplement that comes in many different sizes. It contains iron, nitrogen, and other nutrients to promote the healthy growth of aquatic plants.

Flourish Excel is a liquid plant supplement for aquariums. It comes in two different formulations: one with iron and the other without. In addition, flourish Excel contains micronutrients that are missing from many tanks, including potassium, magnesium, calcium, phosphorus, and vitamins A & B12.

Here are some of the best Flourish excel you can get for your tank:

  1. Seachem Flourish Excel Bioavailable Carbon – Organic Carbon Source for Aquatic Plants
  2. Seachem Flourish Excel, 2 Liter w/ 50 ml Measuring Cup Bundle
  3.  For Marine & Saltwater Reef Aquariums, Seachem Flourish Excel 500 mL / 17 fl. oz.

Can You Overdose Flourish Excel?

Yes, it is possible to overdose Flourish Excel. The most common way people do this is by using an iron supplement with a high concentration of micronutrients, such as the Flourish Iron Supplement.

As you can see, it is very easy to overdose on the plant supplement called “Flourish” or “Excel.” Therefore, it’s best when dosing this supplement to be careful and know what you are doing.

Plants need the nutrients present in Flourish Excel to grow and thrive. If you want to know how much flourish excel you should use for your plants, just follow these instructions.

Add one capful of Flourish Excel per gallon of water every time you water your plants or dose them with other fertilizers!

Remember to always read the directions before using any type of product so that you don’t do anything wrong!

There are many different types of flourishes excel sold at pet stores- make sure to find out which one will be the most beneficial for your plants.

What Happens If You Overdose Flourish Excel?

If you overdose on this plant supplement, the plants will die. This is because the micronutrients in Flourish Excel are lethal when taken to high levels and consumed by fish or other aquarium inhabitants.

If you dose too much Flourish Excel for the number of plants or other inhabitants in your tank, it will kill them. However, if there are no plants in your fish tank to overdose on, then this product is safe to use and won’t do any harm.

Is Flourish Excel Safe?

Yes! As long as you follow the dosage instructions, Flourish Excel is safe!

It is safe to use when used in the appropriate dose but can negatively affect overdosed or misused. For more details about how much you should be dosing and what plants it affects adversely, make sure to read the last section of this blog post for important recommendations!

Is Flourish Excel A Fertilizer?

No. Unlike other fertilizers in the aquarium trade, it does not contain any phosphates or nitrates that can harm your plants. The main ingredients are iron and nitrogen which promote healthy plant growth but do not cause algae to grow (which many fertilizers do).

But it does contain micronutrients that you can use to fertilize plants. It’s best for you to only use this product as directed and in the appropriate dosage for your tank, or else you run the risk of killing your fish!

For this question, I will focus on the importance of using fertilizers with plants in an aquarium. When dosing the plant-based supplements like Flourish Excel or Root Tabs (made by Seachem), it’s important to remember that they are more than just fertilizer. They are a supplement to help plants grow and thrive in the aquarium.

I will also talk about other plant-based supplements that I have found helpful for different kinds of tanks and setups, such as Flourish Excel Iron, Root Tabs Potassium Nitrate Supplements (for higher nitrates), or just plain old fertilizer.

Does Flourish Excel Affect pH?

No, this product does not affect the pH in your aquarium. It will only provide nutrients to plants and fish as directed on its packaging.

Flourish Excel is safe for both fresh and saltwater aquariums. It will not alter the pH of your tank, but it’s important to note that its effects are limited to plants.

Flourish excel won’t affect the pH level of your tank, but it will alter plants in different ways depending on how much you dose them and what types they are.

When to Dose Flourish Excel?

This plant supplement should be dosed once a week or every two weeks at most for best results; it’s important not to overdose and kills your plants.

It is best not to dose this product in the morning. The reason for that is because it will cloud your water and prevent plants from absorbing light, which they need to grow. So it’s best if you only dose after lights out, or just before sunrise as well! You also want to make sure you have a carbon filter in your tank when dosing Flourish Excel, as the pH will change.

How Often to Dose Flourish Excel?

This product should be used at most once a week for best results or every two weeks if you have problems keeping the pH stable in an aquarium with high nitrates. The general rule is that you should do it once every week or two weeks for healthy plants. If no other fertilizers are used, then this product can be used up to once a day.

This is up to you and how much your plants need it, but usually, we recommend dosing twice per month. This will keep the nutrients in balance without over-fertilizing which can lead to algae problems.

What If My Plant Leaves Turn Yellow?

If your plant leaves turn yellow, this means that they are not getting enough nutrients. You should dose Flourish Excel more often to combat the issue with a lack of nutrients and also consider adding additional CO² or fertilizer.

I will discuss how often this supplement should be dosed based on the size of the tank and type of setup later in this blog post!

How Much Flourish Excel to Use?

Flourish Excel should be dosed at the recommended dosage on its packaging, not more or less than this amount! If you overdose on it too much, then your plants will die because of the high micronutrients levels in them. Also, make sure you have plants in the tank to overdose on, and not just fish or other inhabitants.

I recommend that you dose one tablespoon for every ten gallons. This applies to both fresh water and saltwater aquariums, but always make sure to read the instructions on the package before using it because there may be a different dosage for saltwater.

One-quarter teaspoon of Flourish Excel per 20 gallons once every two weeks is also a good dosage in most cases.

How Long Does Flourish Excel Last?

This product lasts for three months. You should dose it once per week to maintain plant health, depending on the size of your aquarium and setup. Please read this blog post carefully before deciding how often you want to dose it!

This supplement should last one month in an aquarium. However, since it has such high micronutrients, it will expire within six months when stored dry and out of direct sunlight or moisture. This product is best refrigerated to make sure that the nutrients last as long as possible.

Things to Consider When Dosing Flourish Excel

When you dose this product, it’s important to consider the type of tank set up and plants you have!

If there are not many fish or other inhabitants who can overdose on micronutrients, then it is safe for your aquarium because there will not be as much concentration.

This is important to remember because it will vary on the size and number of plants you have in your tank, among other factors.

Water Volume Of Your Tank

You may need to adjust the dosage based on the size of your aquarium.

If you have a smaller tank, for example, ten gallons or less, then it is unnecessary to dose this product as often.

It doesn’t take as much time for the plants and fish that inhabit these small tanks to build up immunity from excess nutrients, which could kill them eventually!

Type And Amount Of Plants:

It is also important to consider the type and amount of plants in your aquarium because it will affect how often you dose Flourish Excel.

If there are many plants, it’s important that one doesn’t dose them all at once. Or else they will die due to over-fertilization. On the other hand, if it’s heavily planted, you may need to dose it more frequently.

Plants need different nutrients depending on what they are. For example, some thrive better with more nitrogen or potassium than others, so dosing them every week can be detrimental!

Aquarium Lighting:

If you have low-light plants, it is important to dose them more often because their photosynthesis process does not work well in lower light.

This will cause your plants to be unable to grow fast enough and lead them to die if they don’t get the nutrients they need. If this applies to your aquarium, then you can dose Flourish Excel every two to three days.

If your tank has low light, it’s important not to dose too much so that the produced algae can be fought off through other means such as an algaecide or changing a filtered schedule on a water change day.

Fertilization Of Plants:

It is important to ensure that all plants are getting the nutrients they need with this supplement. So, you never want to overdose!

Make sure there is a combination of fertilizer in your tank as well. Over-dosing on just one type is harmful to the inhabitants of your aquarium.

If your tank has low light, it’s important not to dose too much so that you can fight off the algae production through other means such as an algaecide or changing a filtered schedule on a water change day.

Can Flourish Excel Kill Algae?

No, this product cannot kill algae and has no adverse effects on plant health or growth when used in appropriate doses by those experienced with the product.

What Plants Does Flourish Excel Kill?

This supplement will only kill plants if it overdoses in a tank, not recommended for most beginners. This means that this plant-based supplement does not have any adverse effects on all plants and can help them grow when used as directed on the package.

Flourish Excel Alternatives

There are many alternatives to Flourish excel depending on your tank setup and needs, such as Flourish Iron (for low light tanks with anemones), Root Tabs, Potassium Nitrate Supplements for higher nitrates, or just plain old fertilizer if you don’t need any nutrients.

There are many other products on the market that have similar effects as Flourish Excel. Seachem’s Flora One & Two, Sera PlantStart, Red Sea Salt Mix A&B, and Vodka are popular options.

Flourish Excel Dosing for Different Aquarium Size

For a ten-gallon tank, it is okay to dose one tablespoon of Flourish Excel once per week or every two weeks at most; larger tanks should use less than smaller ones.

The proportion will change based on the size of your aquarium, so make sure you read the instructions on your package before using it!


Dosing Flourish Excel is not always easy as there are many factors to consider. I hope this post gave some helpful tips for beginners who want to use it without harming their plants! Make sure you read the instructions on your package before using it. And make changes based on how much light your tank gets. No matter what, remember never to overdose and always have a good mixture of fertilizer to not harm the inhabitants. Above all else, remember that this product is safe for plants in appropriate doses!

If you have any questions, please let us know by leaving a comment below. We will do our best to respond as soon as possible! Thanks for reading, and happy planting!