What Does Molly Fish Look Like? An Ultimate Guide

Molly fish is a freshwater species of Fish that is popular among aquarists. Molly fish can be both male and female. However, it’s impossible to distinguish between them by looking at their external body parts. So, what do Molly fish look like?

Molly fish look so beautiful with a slimmer body than other types of livebearers, but the edges of their tails are round. These Fish comes in so many different colors and patterns. Some Molly looks like they have been painted with blues, reds, yellows, and oranges. It is easy to see why Molly fish make such good pets.

This post will discuss Molly Fish’s appearance, size, and how Molly Fish reproduces.

What Types Of Fish Is Molly Fish?

Molly fish are a group of fish belonging to the Poecilia family, and they are livebearers. These Fish carry their young ones in a pouch-like structure called a marsupium for protection until they can survive independently. Molly Fish’s scientific name: Poecilia sphenops, P. latipinna, etc.

Usually, Molly fish are freshwater Fish that originated from South America and have a lifespan of about five years. These Fish are extremely agile swimmers that can jump out of the water to catch insects or an insect on the surface.

But there are also some Molly fish that adapted to live in saltwater. Usually, Molly fish adapts well to different types of water, from brackish water to fresh waterways and coastal rivers.

Different Types Of Molly Fish:

Molly Fish is a type of Fish that is easy to care for. They can come in many different colors and patterns. But there are still ways we know what Molly Fish looks like.

The most common different types of Molly fish:

Molly Fish With Black Spots

Molly fish that have black spots are usually very easy to care for. They also tend to be the most popular.

Molly Fish That Is All White

Molly with all-white coloring may be difficult at times because sometimes it can take away from their natural color. But if you do not put Molly in a tank with another fish, then Molly’s that are all white usually tend to have stronger immune systems.

Molly Fish That Is All Black

Molly fish that is all black does not mean it will always be aggressive. But it can sometimes make them more difficult to care for because they may become scared and hide when other types of fish are around.

Molly Fish With Red Spots

Molly’s with red spots can be very beautiful. They usually get along well with other types of Molly fish as long as it is not another Molly with the same color pattern or a Molly that naturally lives in saltwater because then they might fight over territory.

What Does Molly Fish Look Like?

Molly fish are tropical freshwater Fish that come from the Poecilia genus. Molly Fish looks very similar to Guppies, except Molly’s have different markings and a more compressed body shape.

Size Of Molly Fish

Molly Fish can grow up to six inches in length. Molly fish are usually between two and four inches long when they grow fully. But some rare specimens may also reach over six inches long.

Colors Of Molly Fish

Molly Fish comes in many different beautiful colors. They are vibrant and can have a blue, green, yellow, or red color on their bodies. It also has black spots on its tails which help them camouflage itself in the water when they feel threatened by predators such as turtles and larger fish species that might prey upon Molly Fish.

Body Structure Of Molly Fish

Molly Fish has a compressed body shape that is much like guppies. These Fish also have the same protruding ventral fins and dorsal fins characteristic of all Poecilia species, including guppies. Their scales give them different colors depending on the light levels in their habitat.

Stripes In Molly Fish

Molly Fish has stripes from their dorsal fins to the caudal fin. Molly fish are very fast swimmers and will swim in schools when they feel safe, but Molly’s can also be territorial towards other Molly’s.

Different Types Of Molly Fish And How Do They Look

Since Molly fish are a group of Fish, there are several colors and patterns for various types of Molly fish. Molly Fish have bodies that are bright and vibrant colors. Those Molly fish hybrid of other tropical fish types such as Platies produces different colors.

So, different types of Molly fish and their looks are:

Golden Molly Fish

The color of Golden Molly fish is bright orange, and they are one of the most common types of Molly fish. They have a dark black patch on top in the front part between their eyes and red fins. Their standard length ranges from two to three inches long.

Sailfin Molly Fish

The color of Sailfin Molly fish is bright silver and has large fins. Their standard length ranges from two to four inches long.

Black Molly Fish

The color of Black Molly fish is a dark blue-black with white accents on their sides and around the eyes, along with some yellowish spots on the belly area. Their standard length ranges from two to four inches long.

Koi Molly Fish

The color of Koi Molly fish is brown with orange and blue spots over their body along with light green fins. Their standard length ranges from three to five inches long.

Molly Poecilia Sphenops

These Molly Fish are one of the most versatile Fish in terms of breeding and appearance. These Fish turn out to be a good choice for beginners because they are easy to breed, inexpensive, and pretty hardy.

Poecilia Sphenops is popular Molly Fish with an elongated body with vertical stripes that develop according to age or gender. Molly Fish has a life span of two to five years, depending on their habitat and diet.

Some FAQs

What Are The Types Of Molly Fish?

Mollies are of three types: short-fin, lyretail Mollies, and sailfin.

Short-fins have shorter fins that will not grow beyond the base of their tail, while Sailfin Molly fish has large, flowing fins. Lyretail Moilles has a long tail that appears as if it is on fire.

What Colors Do Molly Fish Come In?

Molly Fish come in various colors, such as orange, blue, black, or white. But you can easily identify them by their round tail fin.

Do The Look Of Molly Fish Affect Its Lifespan?

Yes, a Molly fish look can affect its lifespan. For example, Molly Fish with a round tail and an egg-shaped body are more likely to live longer than Molly fish with long fins or short tails.

How Big Can Molly Fish Get?

Molly Fish can get as big as four inches in length but will usually stay smaller than two inches when fully grown.

How Long Can Molly Fish Live?

Molly fish can live more than ten years in a well-maintained tank that provides proper care and environment. But usually, their average lifespan is around three to five years.

Is It Dangerous To Put Different Types Of Molly Fish In The Same Tank Together?

No, it is not dangerous to put different types of Molly Fish in the same tank together. Molly fish can live peacefully with other types of Molly fish. However, if you plan to breed your Molly fish, it is best to keep them by themselves, so they do not eat their offspring.


In conclusion, Molly Fish is one of the most popular and beautiful Fish kept as an aquarium pet! Molly’s come in different colors, including orange, black, and white! Molly fish have some interesting behaviors, so it is important to keep them separate from other Molly or in a Molly-friendly environment.

If you plan to keep a fish as a pet, Molly Fish is one of the best choices.

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