Roseline Shark Tank Mates: Best and Worst (Updated Version)

Every aquarist dreams of an aquarium that is filled with vibrant colors. The community tank helps us to find the peace and health benefits that we have always heard that the aquariums provide. So, if you are looking for the Roseline shark as a pet, you are in luck. As Roseline shark can be kept as a community fish, it has various possible good tank mates that you can choose from.

A Roseline Shark is a community fish. Hence, it is itself a good tank mate for itself. Along with it, you can go for Tiger Barbs, Siamese Algae eater, Zebrafish. Tetras and many more. Just watch out for peaceful fishes and the ones that have the same water requirements as the Roseline sharks and you are good to go.

Let us learn more about the Roseline shark’s temperament and conditions, so that we can find out the list of perfect tank mates for it.

Roseline Shark Overview

Swimming Everywhere but especially in the mid
Temperament Active,

peaceful shoaling fish

Water type Freshwater
Compatibility Peaceful and gets along with other peaceful freshwater species
Temperature of water 60° F to 77° F
Care level Intermediate
pH of water 6.8 to 7.8

Roseline Shark is a community freshwater fish. It is peaceful in nature and is a little difficult to look after. However, it is a great addition to your tank. You might not find it hard to add up peaceful freshwater species in your tank.

Moreover, the Roseline Sharks are also called Denison Barbs. They are active shoaling fish and live in a group of five to six.

Features That Determine Good Tank Mates For The Roseline Shark

There are various features that make one fish a good tank mate for the other. In this article, I will be making a list of good tank mates. However, if you find fishes that match the following criteria and they are not present on the list, you can choose them anyways.

Hence, please check the following things before you put in tank mates for your Roseline sharks.

Roseline Shark Behavior and Temperament

Roseline Sharks are quite difficult to care for and raise. I would never recommend it to beginners. You shall have some experience to create a better living space for the Roseline Sharks. Hence, you can look for other species if you are new to this.

However, Roseline Sharks are not entirely unsociable. These fish get along with other species quite well and they are also somewhat peaceful but they have high requirements for their care.

You might want to pair them up with the right peaceful, shoaling, or community fish.

Tank Size

Max Size of Fish 5 to 6 inches
Size of Tank Required 75 gallons or more

The fish is quite large in size and takes up a lot of space. So, you need a large tank for it. Similarly, you cannot just keep Roseline Sharks in a single tank. Hence, to add tank mates you have to have a larger tank size.

Care Requirements

Add up fish that are easy to take care of with the Roseline shark so that you can give the entire focus on the Roseline shark itself.

Water Parameters

Ideal Tank Temperature 65 F to 79 F
the ph of the Water 6.6 to 7.6
The hardness of the water 5 to 25 dGH

The next point that makes the tankmates the best ones for the Roseline sharks are the water parameters. If the tank mates have the same water requirements, it becomes easier to maintain the aquarium.

For the hardness of the water, you can maintain a level of 5 to 25 dGH.

Similarly, the requirement of the ph level is 6.6 to 7.6 for the Roseline Shark.

In addition to it, the temperature of the water should be 65 F to 79 F. Make sure the tank mates have similar requirements before you decide to pair them with the Roseline Sharks.

Water Quality

Roseline sharks need clear and clean water to survive. So if you pair them with other fish who litter a lot, you might find it hard to take care of the Roseline sharks. Thus, you must choose a tank mate that does not litter much. You can even pair them with algae eaters to make them a better environment to live in nature.

Besides, you can change the water frequently. 25 to 30 percent of the water is good enough for every other week.

Tank Mates For Roseline Sharks

Tankmates are the living beings that the aquarium pets share their home with. So, the aquarists have to be careful about who they pair their fish with. Moreover, it will not only ensure good health but also push your pet towards a longer life.

Similarly, a good tank mate will keep your fish safe and happy. There are good and bad tank mates for fishes. Both of them are equally necessary things to learn.

Good Tank Mates For Roseline Shark

The best tank mates assure that there are no fights and quarrels in the tank. So, there is less fin nipping as well as a longer and happier lifestyle. Some of the best tank mates for the Roseline Shark are:

Rainbow Shark

Swimming Bottom dwellers
Temperament Tropical


Size 6 inches or 15 cm
The temperature of the water 24 C to 27 °C (75 F to 81 °F)
Care level Intermediate
the pH of the water 6 to 8

As the name suggests, Rainbow sharks are just smaller versions of shark fish. A large tank of at least ten to fifteen gallons of water is the requirement for such fish.

These are tropical, compact fish that require their space in the aquarium. They are quite peaceful and easy-going, thus making the best tankmates for the Roseline Sharks.

Tiger Barb

Swimming Everywhere
Temperament Semi-aggressive

Shoaling fish

Size 3 inches at maximum
The temperature of the water 68°F to 82°F degrees
Care level Intermediate
the pH of the water 6.0 to 8.0

Unlike other fish in this list, Tiger Barbs are not as colorful. Neither are they peaceful. However, you can fit it well with Roseline Sharks. They are easy to pet and are low maintenance.

These barbs are fast swimmers. Hence, you will often find them swimming across with all the energy they have got. You might find it interesting to chase them down with your gaze. It gives you peace and happiness. I would really say that watching my tiger barb swim across reduces my stress in half.

If you can increase the size of the tank, you can keep more tiger barbs. However, a group of six is more than enough. You can even pair them with larger fishes.

Cherry Barb

Swimming Mid to top dwellers
Temperament Peaceful

Shoaling fish

Size 2 inches or 5 cm at maximum
The temperature of the water 68°F to 81°F (20 C to 26 C)
Care level Beginner
the pH of the water 6.0 to 8.0

You might have heard about Cherry barbs a lot. They are quite famous for their vibrant color. Besides being bright cherry red, you can exactly spot them in the aquarium because of their beauty.

Moreover, these fish are very easy to care for. So, if you are a beginner, go for it! Likewise, you can also fill their tanks with various types of plants and other suitable tank mates. Set the tank up with sufficient hiding spaces.

Cherry barbs create quite the statement in the tank. The bonus here is that they live a longer life too which is the cherry on top!

Siamese Algae Eater

Swimming Mid to top dwellers
Temperament Peaceful

Shoaling fish

Size 6 inches or 16 cm at maximum
The temperature of the water 75°F to 79°F
Care level Beginner
the pH of the water 6.5 to 7.0

If you want to keep your tank clean in a natural way, Siamese Algae eaters can be your way to go. These fish will clean up your tank and keep them healthy. Thus, it can be a plus point for the Roseline Shark as the aquarium becomes a healthy place to live in.

Similarly, as per their name, the Siamese Algae Eaters eat algae and other waste materials that lie unattended in your aquarium. How convenient! Isn’t it?

You can say that the Siamese Algae Eaters and the Roseline Sharks are distant cousins. Hence, do not be shocked if you find them schooling together in some cases. Either way, adding two of the species will be enough for the tank. The only thing to consider here is the supply of space and lots and lots of food!

Zebra Danios

Swimming Mid and top-level dwellers
Temperament Shoaling fish

Peaceful (Only aggressive when alone)

Size 2 inches at maximum
the temperature of the water 65°F to 75°F
Care level Beginner
the pH of the water 6.5 to 8.0

Zebra Danios are another best tank mate for the Roseline shark as they are small and fit in the tank better with the Roseline Shark. Along with it, you can enjoy the small tanks without having to spend a penny more on large tanks.

It will save you space in your aquarium while giving you some coverage. You can put in a school of six of the zebra Danios in the tank as they are schooling fish.

Moreover, their peaceful nature will help both the fish to gel up well. The tank conditions for both Roseline Shark and the Zebra Danios are the same. Thus, it makes the Zebra Danios a perfect tank mate.

Black Skirt Tetras

Swimming Mid to top dwelling
Temperament Peaceful shoaling fish
Size 1.5 inches (3 cm)
the temperature of the water 73° to 81°F (23° to 27°C)
The hardness of the water 4 to 9 dKH
the pH of the water 5.5 to 7.5

Among the various tetras, the black skirt tetra can be a good tank mate for the Roseline shark. These fish are peaceful and schooling fish. Moreover, you can keep them in a group of five to six.

They will not only add some color to your tank but also give you a visually pleasing sight. You will be able to see them happy if you provide them with plenty of hiding spots. These hiding spots can be anything that can have holes in them like caves, driftwoods, rocky structures, etc.

You can even add some plants for their pleasure. Similarly, you might need the best choice of food for the black skirt tetras as they are choosy eaters.

Harlequin Rasbora

Swimming Mid and top-level dwellers
Temperament Schooling fish


Size 1.75 inches
the Temperature of the water

the ph of the tank water

73°F to 82°F (23 C to 27 C)

5.5 to 7

Rasboras are energetic yet peaceful creatures. If you are looking for colorful breeds to put into your tank, I would say that Harlequin Rasbora must top off the list. These are even more colorful than the Black skirt tetras.

Most of the fish I have on this list are schooling fish. So is this one. You can keep them in groups of eight and more. The number is a little larger than other schooling fish generally need. However, believe me, it is worth it.

These fish are the best because they are social animals. Thus, you can pair them with almost any fish. Just make sure to give them proper space with sufficient coverage and plants and they will be more than happy.

Bristlenose Plecos

Swimming Mid and top-level dwellers
Temperament Shoaling fish


Size 12 to 24 inches at maximum
The temperature of the water 72 to 78 degrees Fahrenheit (15 C to 27 C)
Care level Intermediate
the pH of the tank water 7 to 8

These fish are quite the unusual-looking gems that you can pet. They fit into any tank because of their peaceful nature. These are the best tank mates for most fish. The only thing that you need to do is maintain the water conditions and good space for them to live in.

Otherwise, the Plecos can get a little territorial. Similarly, give them a lot of food supply as they are quite big species. These fish also love algae as snacks.

Hence, you will find your tank clean and healthy. You can maintain a larger tank size to make both Roseline Sharks and the Bristlenose Pleco happy without fighting. Also, the last thing to remember for the species is that you shall never pair them together. The Plecos take their own species as rivals. So, unless you want some action in your tank, you shall not pair them together.


Swimming Bottom dwellers
Temperament Stays in groups
Size 1.5 to 4 inches
The temperature of the water 75 °F
Care level Intermediate to expert (depending on species)
the pH of the water 6 to 7

The Apistogramma is a large territorial cichlid. Then, why is this fish on the list? Well, they are fine with the Roseline sharks. Both of them can live in harmony as long as they are given the appropriate space that they need.

Apistogramma can be a little aggressive at times. Similarly, since they are big fish, they will make your water dirty. You have to fill in the tank with plants and snails if possible to clean out the tank.

Likewise, it is not an easy task to care for them. Not only do they make the aquarium dirty, they also require a lot of care to keep them healthy. However, if you are able to look past that, then they make a good addition to the tank with the Roseline Sharks.

Emperor Tetra

Swimming Top to mid-water dwellers
Temperament Active

Peaceful shoaling fish

Size 2 inches (5 cm)
The temperature of the water 74 °F to 81 F (23 C to 27 C)
Care level Beginner/ Easy to care
the pH of the water 5 to 7.5

The second tetra to make it to the list is the Emperor tetra. As long as the fish are small and peaceful, you can pair them with the Roseline Shark. Such tetras also live in schools of six to ten.

Besides, emperor tetra will add to the vibrancy of your tank. Make sure you give them a proper space and you are good to go. Similarly, these fish will be the best tank mates as they have water conditions requirements as the Roseline shark.

You can actually create a good community tank with these two fish in the tank.

Rainbow Kribs

Swimming Top to mid-water dwellers
Temperament Semi-aggressive
Size 3 to 4 inches (10 cm)
The temperature of the water 75 °F to 79 F (23 C to 27 C)
Care level Moderate
the pH of the water 5.6 to 6.9

The visual treats that you will crave in your aquarium are the Rainbow Kribs. They are just wonderfully gorgeous. The vibrant colored fish has multicolor with a pinkish belly. It looks as though it is glowing!

If you ask me, setting a community tank is incomplete without the Rainbow Kribs. Besides, they are so easy to care for and have less need which makes them dear to me.

All you need is a big tank with some space and clean tank water to keep them healthy and happy. You may even add some plants to your tank to make it look extra better. Set up your tank in a beautiful way with all the gems that you could use for decor.

These fish are such peaceful fish with a love for shallow water. However, if you see some action during mealtime, it is normal.

Moreover, you might want to put in a lot of different food items to keep them happy. The thing with colorful fish is that they lose their color if they are not fed properly or they come into bright lights. So, keep these things in mind!

Bolivian Ram

Swimming Bottom to mid dwellers
Temperament Peaceful

Territorial while breeding

Size 3 inches (8cm)
The temperature of the water 68 °F to 83 F (20 C to 28 C)
Care level Difficult
the pH of the water 6 to 7.5

This might be a new name for you. If you like some difficulty and challenge, Bolivian Ram also makes a great tank mate for the Roseline Shark. However, it is hard to take care of. You must gather experience to have such fish in your tank and keep them safe. In addition to this, you can feed them with a plan of meat and other green veggies.

You can put in various types of beginner fish with the Roseline sharks if you have experience. But if you lack such experience, I would suggest you not take such risks.

Bolivian Ram adds some new touch to your aquarium and gives it an authentic look. These small species take up to thirty gallons of water.

Rosy Barb

Swimming Anywhere
Temperament Active, peaceful
Size 2.5 inches (6 cm)
The temperature of the water 64 to 72 F (18 to 22 C)
Care level Easy to intermediate
the pH of the water 6.5

The third barb in the list is the Rosy barb. They are yet another colorful fish that will hype the visuals of your aquarium. These barbs are generally from Asia and are peaceful in nature when in groups.

This is why if you put them alone, they might feel scared and fight with other fishes in your tank. Use at least a group of six or more of the Rosy barb in your tank. Only then, it becomes the best tank mate for the Roseline shark.

Besides, their bright and colorful ranges will speak for themselves when you choose from the above-mentioned tank mates. They are quite small and may look like goldfish to some. The beautiful fish look like small gems in the tank.

Worst Tank Mates For Roseline Shark

Along with the tank mates that are good for your Roseline Shark, get to know some of the worst ones too so that you do not make the same mistake that I did as a beginner.

You should completely avoid the bigger larger fish that are territorial. Putting in an aggressive fish with the Roseline Shark is the worst decision you can take. Check out the list of the worst tank mates for the Roseline Shark below:

  • Discus Fish
  • Oscar
  • Angelfish

Roseline Shark Behavior In Community Tank

Roseline Sharks are good with the peaceful freshwater species. Hence, it does good in a community tank itself. However, aggressive breeds do not do well with Roseline Sharks. Thus, you must be careful to put in aggressive personalities with your Roseline Shark.

If you add 5 to 6 Roseline Sharks, they will enjoy other companies in your tank. You must use a larger tank however to care for them better. Consider the best tank mates that I have mentioned above in the list. You may also add some hiding spaces and plants for the Roseline Shark to be comfortable.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Roseline Sharks Aggressive?

Roseline Shark is a little aggressive with its own kind. However, it can also be aggressive with the ones having a similar look like itself. They are also aggressive towards other aggressive fishes.

They are usually peaceful with other freshwater peaceful fishes. You just have to be careful that they have the accurate parameters met and a good amount of food supply.

What Can You Feed Roseline Sharks?

You can feed anything to Roseline Sharks. Since they are bottom dwellers, you may focus on sinking foods. Some of the food that you can feed them are:

Are Roseline Sharks Hardy?

No, Roseline Sharks are quite difficult to care for. They need accurate water parameters and clean water. You can oxygenate their tank and keep it well cycled. Keep a close search for a good nitrogen cycle in the tank. This will ensure a long and healthy life for your Roseline Shark.

Last Words

Roseline Sharks are difficult to care for but not difficult to pair with other fishes. They do quite well with all peaceful freshwater species. You can pair them with algae eaters to keep their water clean.

Besides the ones I have mentioned in the list, aquarists also pair the Denison barbs with Corydoras, red-tailed rasboras, silvertip tetra, dwarf neon rainbowfish, and much more.

In conclusion, you just have to make sure that the tankmates have the same requirements as the Roseline Sharks and you are good to go. If you are able to pair them with an easy-to-care beginner fish, it is even a better choice! Make sure to let us know your experiences!

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