Benefits of Keeping Fish | Health Benefits, Vastu Shastra

Fish tanks and aquariums are amazing. You want to have a pet and you love them. But, you don’t have enough place or a huge apartment to keep a dog, or you don’t have enough time to take care of them. If these things are bothering you from getting a pet, then the best thing for you is getting a fish tank. There are many advantages of keeping fish at home or office.

advantages of fishkeeping

A fish tank is easy to keep and maintain. A fish tank can be customized according to your preference with lively decorations, you can adjust the fish tank to fit almost everywhere.

Keeping an aquarium has many benefits. Fish tanks not only beautify your living area but also works as therapeutic. And If you are into feng shui, then you probably know that keeping a fish tank gives you wealth or money luck. Most of all, science has found many benefits of keeping fish tank since we humans are naturally attracted to water.

Some of the Advantages of Keeping Fish are:

Reducing Stress

Advantages of Fishkeeping

This is one of the most important benefits of having a fish as a pet. Watching fish in the aquarium, their movement is fascinating and relaxing, even watching them just for a few minutes every day can significantly reduce your stress level. The fish movement is hypnotic, it can put you in a mode similar to mediation. This is the reason you see tanks in the most stressful work environment, watching fish relieves stress.

Reduce Blood Pressure

Advantages of Fishkeeping

A fish tank can reduce your blood pressure. From an aquarium therapy study, done by the experts from National Marine Aquarium, Plymouth University and the University of Exeter found that staring at swimming fish can lower your blood pressure by 3%. This is especially helpful for senior citizens who have problems with high blood pressure. This research proved that staring at the fish not only decrease or reduce blood pressure but also decrease a person’s heart rate. This is especially helpful for senior citizens who have problems with high blood pressure. This is the reason you see fish tanks in hospitals and clinics.

Increase Productivity

Advantages of Fishkeeping

Another advantage of fishkeeping is it helps in increasing productivity. This benefit is deprivation from other health-related benefits. Keeping an aquarium helps to tackle lots of burdens, it helps you to focus much better. It lowers your blood pressure stress level, helps you to focus better, which results in productivity.

Fish tank and Feng Shui

Advantages Of Fishkeeping

Many people have believed in fish tank Feng Shui and practiced it. Feng Shui is an Asian art of placing furniture and items in your house for luck, wealth, and health. With the help of Feng Shui, Fish tanks are commonly used to activate and enhance money and career luck.

Fish tanks are also used as a feng shui remedy to counter negative energy. And are commonly used to enhance your money and career luck, to bring more love affairs to a person by placing it are the peach blossom location and so on.

Before jumping to the Vastu advice of the fish aquarium, let us understand the symbolic importance of the elements within the fish aquarium.

Water: The water inside the aquarium represents life and if the water is moving (using a pump or some other device), then it represents the vitality or the flow of positive energy in life.

Fish: the movement of fish in the aquarium generates and enhances positive energy and attracts prosperity, wealth and happiness. Chinese Feng-Shui says that the faster fish move within an aquarium, the additional positive energy (Chi) they generate and attract more wealth, prosperity and pleasure.

List of Fish Aquarium Benefits According to Vastu Shastra

  • It is believed that at least one of your problems ends permanently with the natural death of a fish in an aquarium and these benefits of fish keeping fish aquarium are very beneficial for the positive vibes are the health benefits of a home aquarium.
  • Another benefit of keeping a fish aquarium at home or office is that it produces a lot of positive energy and also eliminates the negative and harmful energies, which might be considered as health benefits of a home aquarium.
  • Good, healthy and active fish attract good fortune, wealth and happiness are also one of the advantages of fish keeping.
  • One of the health benefits of a home aquarium is that observing fish in an aquarium relaxes and calms the human mind, this is one way of meditation.
  • According to Vastu Sastra, giving food for hungry fish adds to our good karma.
  • According to Hindu mythology, the 1st reincarnation of Lord Vishnu on earth was a fish and, therefore, it is believed that fish absorb a large amount of negative energy and radiate positive energy, one of the benefits of fish keeping.
  • If you are feeling about a certain problem in your office or home due to a Vastu defect, then placing a fish aquarium eliminates that problem, this way advantage of keeping fish at home or office can be achieved.
  • The colorful, attractive and active fish attract the attention of the guests and, therefore, focus more on the fish tanks. Also, all the negative and malignant energy that they emit is absorbed by the aquarium and converted into positive energy.

Vastu Tips for Keeping Aquarium Fish:

  1. You should only keep ornamental and healthy fish in the fish tank.
  2. Make sure, you must house nine fish in the tank.
  3. Out of nine fish, eight should of the same type and one should of another breed, For example, eight red color fish (goldfish) and another one can be of black coSuckerfish fish)
  4. A combination of other dragon fish and goldfish is very auspicious.
  5. If a fish dies naturally, replace the dead fish immediately with a new fish and do not panic.
  6. Vastu for fish aquarium proposes keeping the fish tank well bubbly, clean, hygienic and peaceful. Use water filters, water pumps, water circulation devices and as well as decorative stones to get maximum benefits of fish keeping.
  7. Make sure to feeds the fish regularly and clean tank regularly by which we can gain benefits of keeping a fish aquarium at home.
  8. Locate the fish tank in the living room or in a room according to the Vastu Shastra fish aquarium. No other location in a house should have benefits of the aquarium to gain fish keeping benefits.
  9. Within the living room or lounge, locate the fish aquarium in a north or east direction to gain benefits of fish keeping.
  10. Before you feel overwhelmed and rush to place your new aquarium or relocate it in the living room.
  11. Vastu Shastra recommends not placing the fish tank in the kitchen or bedroom, as it causes medical problems related to food and sleep and it will decrease the advantage of fish keeping.

8 Reasons to Keep Fish: 8 advantages of Keeping Fish

Reducing stress

Dr. Schwartz argues that keeping an aquarium has its benefits, a calming effect similar to the “sound of ocean waves, rainstorms and water currents that are fascinating and relaxing.”

Studies carried out in the 1980s showed that keeping an aquarium help reduce the patient’s anxiety levels by up to 12%.

Maybe it’s because, as humans, we depend so much on water as part of our existence, that we feel comforted automatically and instinctively when we are near water.

The moods of most people rise measurably simply by observing how fish interact with others in a fish tank. As such, placing a well-decorated aquarium in the office that has a different variety of fish can serve as a station to improve the mood. When looking at the fish, swimming and interacting with each other, they cannot help but smile and relax.

Blood pressure

A study led by specialists found out that watching fish swimming reduces blood pressure and as well as reduces heart rate and one can gain advantages out of fish keeping.

They discovered that the heart rate is reduced by 3% when people simply looked at an empty tank with only rocks and seaweed. When fish were added to the mix, they discovered that the heart rate decreased by more than 7%. The researchers concluded that exposure to this underwater environment can greatly improve the well-being of people.

Increase Productivity

Fish can really make you feel better, even if you do not interact with them. It has been proven that the movement of the swimming fish puts the owners in a relaxed state and fish keeping benefit will be achieved. Over time, this soothing view can help reduce stress and give you something else to focus on in addition to the overdue bill for the credit card that sits on your desk.

They are Quite

Although our beloved cats and dogs are the most popular domestic pets, they can make a lot of noise. The noise can come at the most untimely moments. Unlike other pets, the fish are completely silent. So, if you have young family members in your home, they could be the perfect pet for you. While we are referring to the issue of young families, this brings us very well to our next reason for conserving fish.

Learning Opportunity for Children

Keeping fish is a fantastic learning knowledge for children.

One of the benefits of keeping a fish aquarium at home is that it can help us in learning to care for a small animal. Another benefit of keeping a fish aquarium at home is that, it can teach the young generation, might be your child, brother or sisters to be responsible and the importance of taking care of everything on our planet, no matter how small.

Your children will learn valuable skills through feeding, taking care of the fish and maintaining the fish tank. Although the maintenance of the fish is not as slow as it is for dogs and cats, it is a good amount of time for the children to stay involved and interested.

Fish can quickly become part of your family; some fish will even interact with you and are very playful.

There is also the inescapable death of a fish and since death is an unavoidable part of life, it is a useful way to teach your children about death and as well as how to deal with it.

They Don’t Take up Much Space

Besides not making any noise, they do not take up much space either.

Perhaps one of the reasons why they are growing in popularity as an ideal pet is that our homes are shrinking due to the increase in the cost of living. Many families now live in apartments or small houses in which it is not appropriate to have a larger animal such as a cat or a dog. This is where the benefits of keeping a fish aquarium at home kicks in.

To keep a fish does not require much space. You will need a place for the fish tank, and maybe a small closet or box to store all your accessories for the care of the fish and gain benefits of the aquarium.

Depending on how many fish you decide to buy or keep, you may only need a shelf or surface to place your fish tank.

We always urge people to investigate the size of the tank before buying one. The small bowls that are sold typically of golden fish are not suitable for any fish. We recommend at least a 5-gallon tank as the absolute minimum size you must have to keep any kind of fish. This is also one of the main advantages of fish keeping.

Don’t Require Much Maintenance

It is not necessary to buy luxurious gadgets to keep your fish amused; they do not need to entertain themselves. In fact, they do most of the entertainment for us.

They are very independent and do not suffer anxiety when we leave them.

This also means that, in general, it is quite easy to find someone to take care of you when you are on vacation.

Regarding the care and maintenance of the fish tank, this will require a certain commitment of time. You will need two feeding periods of 5 minutes each per day, you will also need to allow half an hour per week to change 10-15% of the water and do any cleaning (algae and gravel) and gain advantages of fish keeping.

A Balanced View

We always like to be truthful when we talk about whatever related to fish and it is important to know that keeping fish is not all fun games.

There are some aspects of fish maintenance that are difficult and there are a number of drawbacks.

American Pet Products conducts an annual investigation into the satisfaction of pets, and the last one shows the inconveniences of maintaining fish and the percentage of households that consider each point an inconvenience.

Some Other Health Benefits are:

  1. Pets not only provide us with the company by making us feel safe and happy, but they act as an anchor that helps us cope with everyday stress.
  2. Insomnia: if you suffer from insomnia (reduced sleep), keeping an aquarium at home can provide you with a good night’s sleep.
  3. Heart attacks: Research has shown that victims of heart attacks who have pets live longer. Whether it is a saltwater aquarium or a freshwater aquarium, observing those beautiful fish performing their daily activities is excellent for your stress levels and blood pressure. Numerous studies have shown that observing aquarium fish can make you feel calm, reducing feelings of anxiety and thus help reduce your blood pressure. Now we know why so many waiting rooms for doctors and dentists have aquariums; you will feel a little more relaxed when you see your doctor.
  4. Blood pressure: the decrease in blood pressure is a way to measure the reduction of stress. Many ailments are associated with a high level of stress in our daily lives, including heart attacks, sleep disorders, and ulcers. When we see fish swimming, we are fascinated by its quiet and as well as sound nature. For a little moment, they create a soothing effect on our hectic lives. The researchers conducted comparisons on the effects of hypnosis against pelvic observation, and the result was that the presence of a type of pelvis certainly reduces blood pressure. Even watching a video of fish can have healing effects.
  5. Aquarium Effects in Children: You should have heard about dolphins that help children with different emotional disorders. Well, some studies have also shown that watching fish in the aquarium calmed children diagnosed with ADHD / ADHD.
  6. Effect of the Aquarius on Alzheimer’s: Studies have shown that older people who have Alzheimer’s experience a variety of health benefits of keeping a home aquarium at home when looking at an aquarium. Alzheimer’s patients consumed extra and required fewer supplements afterward placing an aquarium in the dining room. They also exhibited less physically aggressive behaviors.
  7. Effect on pain: as we discussed earlier, many dental offices and doctors have fish tanks in their waiting rooms. Dental patients who underwent hypnosis in front of an aquarium experienced the same or greater benefit of the aquarium. Other studies have shown that dental patients require fewer analgesics after having observed the fish. In general, watching the fish swim from one side to the other reduces the stress of waiting for a doctor to examine them.
  8. Effects of the aquarium on the elderly: One of the main benefits of keeping a fish aquarium at home is that it will help to reduce the blood pressure of older people significantly. They will also eat more and required fewer supplements after placing an aquarium in the dining room. The view of the fish tank makes them happy and free of tension.
  9. Educational for children: Your children can really get the benefits of keeping fish aquariums at home, especially if it involves them from the beginning. Have them research the property of the aquarium and write down their findings. They could also investigate what fish they would like. The configuration is important and you will learn the importance of proper care of pets. Children will also learn about discipline, as they form a routine to feed and maintain their fish. There are never-ending ways in which children will benefit from an aquarium and their imagination can go crazy when they are setting it up. We should let them have fun with fish.
  10. Additional benefits of the aquarium: If the aquarium is located in a room that is dry, the benefits of keeping a fish aquarium at home, in that particular room is that it also helps to balance the energy by adding moisture to the air. In addition, the moving water in the aquarium has the power to revitalize stagnant or inactive energy.

Virtually any aquarium, from large to small, will have benefits of the aquarium. A large aquarium is delightful, but if space is inadequate, a small aquarium will also do the trick. Therefore, in addition to it is obvious beauty (when well cared for) aquarium tanks can improve your life in many other ways. When you get home from work, or when you finally put the children to sleep … lift your feet and watch your fish swim serenely through your aquarium, watch the plants or the coral sway rhythmically … relax and enjoy.

Fish Aquarium Effect on Vastu Defect

The fish aquarium is a good corrective measure for any Vastu defect. In a house, each object and direction has a Vastu meaning. Placing them or building them according to Vastu’s principles will make your life overflow with positive energy.

Vastu, Vedic science is a theoretical and results-oriented concept, which is practiced to have a wealthy and melodious life. It is believed that problems in an individual’s life are due to the lack of an adequate Vastu. Seeking the help of a Vastu consultant will take you away from all ailments ranging from health to finance and others.

As mentioned above, every object and space/address in a house is associated with Vastu and where there is a defective Vastu, there tend to be problems. In such cases, Vastu’s specialists have suggested some signs of fortunes for a defective Vastu.

According to Vastu’s specialists, having a fish aquarium in a home is considered a good corrective measure for any Vastu defect. Not only a home but also an office, a store, a school, a factory and other places of residence can have an aquarium to eliminate Vastu’s defective problems.

The amount of fish in an aquarium should be nine, eight of which can be dragon or gold, and one could be black. You do not need to worry if a fish dies, immediately replace the fish with another. It is strictly recommended that the feeding of the fish should be planned and fed by only one person. The tank or container should be cleaned regularly. The necessary requirements such as filters, aeration, and water circulation are necessary to maintain the tank. Except for its living room/living room, an aquarium cannot be placed in any other room. To make it more attractive, you can add colored lights and other accessories.

The Advantages of Having an Aquarium for Defected Vastu:

  1. A fish aquarium tends to free your home from all ills and maintains a serene and fortuitous atmosphere.
  2. It is also believed that every time a fish dies naturally, so does your problem at home or in the office.
  3. This is one of the best ways to attract the energy of wealth in the home or office.
  4. In addition, an aquarium tends to relax the mind and create a calm atmosphere.
  5. If you are seeing problems in the home or office and guess that this is the result of a defective Vastu, placing a fish aquarium is the greatest choice. Doing this will also solve your financial crisis.
  6. Vastu’s specialists believe that feeding a fish can contribute to his good deeds and, as a result, he will be free from illness at his home.
  7. These fish are quite active almost all day and motivate the observer. Also, if you watch these fish for a while, you tend to be energetic and free from all worries.
  8. One of the main advantages of fish keeping is that it diverts the curse of a visitor from the entire house to the aquarium. Bad energies, which are created throughout the house, can be transformed by looking at the colorful and attractive fish. This, in turn, produces positive energy.
  9. According to Vastu Shastra, a fish tank stores a lot of water and can balance the weight accurately. In order to balance the weight, a fish tank can be stored on a terrace or in a room in the southwest corner. It should be placed in a prominent place where each visitor can see it.
  10. According to the Chinese Feng Shui method, the quick movement of fish in a tank increases the active energy in a home known as “Chi”. This method also results in an increase in good health as well as wealth.


Fish tanks and aquariums are not only beautiful and comforting but also very advantageous you’re your health and luck. If you are looking for an anxiety-reliever in your work environment or at your house, keeping a fish tank can definitely help, as science has suggested. If you have senior members in your home I suggest you keep one for them.

Now Setup your Tank.

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