Can I Turn off the Aquarium Filter at Night?

Nowadays, people have been so fond and fascinated with keeping aquarium at their homes. It adds extra beauty to the beauty of one’s stay place. Owning an aquarium is just like bringing the beauty of the Inner Ocean to the outer world. But there is a saying that ‘nothing good comes that easy.’ Today I am with an article that I am often asked for: “Can I Turn off the Aquarium Filter at Night.”

Like everything has pros and cons, so far keeping the aquarium also has. With the beauty of the aquarium, there comes troublesome work of setting up various tools to function the aquarium cycle properly. Among those tools, the Aquarium filter is the most important one.

I am a local Aquarium shop owner and have more than ten years of experience in fish keeping. Many of my customers come with the question saying, “Can I turn off the aquarium filter at night?.” Well, the answer is direct, “No! You cannot turn off the filter at night”. It’s an essential part of the aquarium cycle, which is responsible for cleaning your aquarium water. You cannot just turn it off just because it’s making noise or consumes a bit more electricity. If you turn off the filter at night, after a few weeks, you will see your water getting polluted. Many of your fish might get attacked by different diseases, too, due to the polluted water.

Basic Tools You Need for Your Fish Tank

There are many things that people need to know about before keeping an aquarium at their home. First of all, having sound knowledge and understanding of aquarium and fish. And secondly, proper maintenance and caring are needed for an aquarium and the fish. 

For the ideal aquarium setup, different sorts of equipment like aquarium filter, air pump, test kit, saltwater mix, live rock, lighting, plants, and many more are needed. The aquarium needs care and time to time maintenance. Without the above-mentioned things, setting up the proper aquarium is somehow next to impossible.

 Aquarium Filter: The Essential Thing for Aquarium

Amongst all aquarium tools, aquarium filter is one of the essential tools that help to give an aquarium creature a favorable environment for survival. In simple words, the aquarium filter filters all the unnecessary wastes of the aquarium-like free-floating particles, excess food, fish wastes from the water. Aquarium filter also helps to maintain a proper breathing cycle for the aquarium creature, i.e., fish. Aquarium filter is one of the crucial tools amongst others to keep an aquarium healthy and risk-free from the death penalty of aquarium creatures.

To keep the aquarium risk free and in a proper condition, there are many tools a person needs to have a sound knowledge of suitable temperature, fish food, air pump, and cleaning the equipment and aquarium from time to time. Having a proper aquarium at your stay place, a person needs to have a sound level of understanding of the right placement of different aquarium tools and its proper control. Without having the knowledge and understanding about aquarium tools, having a proper aquarium setup at home is somehow next to impossible. So before having an aquarium at your stay place, you need to be clear about everything related to it.

Why People Turn off Their Aquarium Filters at Night?

Many people are still unknown about the proper use of aquarium tools and their function, and as a result, they face many problems. But the most common question people ask is, ‘Can I turn off the aquarium filter at night or not?’ And the typical reason behind it is people are facing unpleasant noise which an aquarium filter produces and the electricity bill cost of course. Most of them claim that it sometimes ruins their good sleep. But the thing is each and every aquarium filter produce some level of noise in a run. The filter may produce loud sound sometimes happens due to the movement of water, or sometimes gunk present in the aquarium filter also might be the reason. You can either check out the water level or maintain it or clean the aquarium filter as most of it can be taken apart and cleaned. Many people seem to be confused about its proper use, and they have been facing a lot of problems in it. Still, many people don’t know about the proper use of it.

Can You Turn off The Aquarium Filter at Night?

The answer is ‘No.’ You can turn off the fish tank filter only at the time cleaning or while feeding the fish. Aquarium filter somehow holds the importance as the heart of the aquarium, so, you should not turn off your aquarium filter every night as it is not the right thing to do. It is surely going to make fishes unease in various ways. Aquarium filter has a lot to do with the health of your aquarium tank and turning off aquarium filter every night can eventually lead you to deal with many problems. In the case of human beings, trees maintain the breathing cycle, and like that, aquarium filters control the breathing cycle of fish as it helps to aerate the water.

Turning off the aquarium filter is not a good idea. Every time you shut down your aquarium filter, the good bacteria inside will start to die as lacking oxygen. And It alternatively impacts the aquarium life cycle by killing the younger fishes of your tank, which is not good so far. But some fishes species like Zebra Danios and blind cave tetras, Goldfish can easily survive without a filter surprisingly. But saying that it is not the right thing to turn off the aquarium filter often as you have to deal with many problems so far because not every species of fish can adjust with it.

Popular Aquarium Filters

As aquarium filter is very vital and a must tool. It also needs to be cleaned from time to time to get the best result for a proper setup for the aquarium. There are many best aquarium filter like

  •  Fluval All-New 07 Series Performance Canister Filter, 
  • Penn Plax Cascade Canister Aquarium Filter Cascade 1000,
  • AquaClear Power filter –110V, Ehm Fltr 2217 Classic Wm 2six4g, 
  • Sunsun Hw304B 525GPH Pro Canister Filter Kit, 
  • Marineland Magni flow Canister 

which are available in the market which you can choose for your aquarium. 

Functions of the Aquarium Filter

There is the availability of a wide range of aquarium filters in the market. No matter which filter you choose, it’s major function remains the same. The major tasks of every aquarium are:

Cleaning of water

Fish can’t survive in toxic water; there is need of an aquarium filter for sure. If not, then fishes tend to get unease, which is not a good thing for sure. Your aquarium tank gets toxic with so much of unwanted chemicals, excess food, fish excrete, and free-floating particles daily. So to clean that waste, an aquarium filter is must equipment. It filters all the unwanted toxins from the water and ensures favorable conditions to the fish for their survival.

Ensures bacterial growth

Even though the word ‘bacterial growth’ might seem to be slightly unpleasant, but it determines the health of fish. In terms of having a proper aquarium, proper bacterial growth is very needed for the sake of the wellbeing of fish. The health of fish is directly proportional to the health of bacteria. It is because bacteria convert toxic chemicals into the safe chemicals in the water. So, aquarium filter plays a vital role to ensure the proper growth of the bacteria and fish of an aquarium.

Providing adequate oxygen

Every living being needs oxygen for survival, and it goes the same for the fishes too. There are many toxic chemicals which make the water dirty and its impacts on the oxygen cycle of fishes. Not only for fish, oxygen is needed for bacteria, also for survival. There is a directly proportional relationship between the health of bacteria with the health of fish. An aquarium filter aerates and circulates the water, which ensures adequate oxygen to the fish as well as bacteria. It also helps to maintain the proper breathing cycle for the fish.


I finally conclude saying, aquarium filter is a vital part of the aquarium lifecycle. You simply cannot turn if of for hours and hours be that day or night. They are responsible for cleaning the aquarium water and making the fish environment (i.e. water) pollutant free. 

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