Can Angelfish Change Gender?

Can Angelfish Change Gender?

Fishkeeping is a great hobby, and once you start getting the hang of it, you start experimenting with different fish species, like Angelfish. Usually, fish shows various behavior and characteristics, which we as owners have to note. One such behavior is gender change in Angelfish. Do Angelfish change gender? No, Angelfish do not change gender. … Read more

37+ Best Fish For A 55 Gallon Tank

If you are someone who prefers varieties in their tank! Then, a 55-gallon tank might be perfect for you. This site gives you plenty of room to add a few different kinds of fish. But, with all that space, you surely want to know the best fish that you can keep in your 55-gallon tank. … Read more

10 Reasons Why Angelfish Are Aggressive

10 Reasons Why Angelfish Are Aggressive

Most fish are not known to cause problems. But being cichlids, Angelfish are one of the most territorial fish in the freshwater world. Angelfish can be real bullies to other tank mates and will even fight each other. So, if you’re thinking about getting an angelfish or have one already, here are ten reasons why … Read more

22+ Best Fish For A 3 Gallon Tank

best fish for a 3 gallon tank

For me, I had been postponing the thought of keeping a pet. I used to think that keeping a pet can be exhausting and too demanding. But, fish keeping is different- it requires less time, attention, and space. The most surprising fact was that you could keep a tank as small as 3 gallons. Once … Read more

Silver Dollar Fish: An Ultimate Guide

silver dollar fish profile

Fish keepers around the globe love to bring home this beautiful pet: Silver Dollar fish. Anyone who comes through this fish automatically adores its calm, peaceful, and hardy nature. Silver Dollar is one of my favorites because of its appearance, behavior, activeness, and ease of care, relieving me from headaches. The fish justifies its name: … Read more