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Chili Rasboras Tank Mates: Best And Worst

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I know everyone dreams of having a community tank with all the fish accumulated in one. These tanks are actually more beautiful than the single-colored tank. But if you already have Chili Rasboras, you need to look for fish that will live happily with this one. Or else, you will end up with an aquarium war between fish. So, now when you already have Chili Rasboras in the tank, let’s talk about compatible fish for this fish. You need to know the best as well as the worst tank mates of Chili Rasboras, don’t you?

Fish with similar temperament, size, and water parameters requirements will be great tank mates for chili Rasboras. Tetras, gouramis, cory catfish, pearl danios, and other Rasboras are some ideal tank mates for chili Rasboras. However, large and aggressive fish are the biggest no when it comes to a community tank with this small fish.

I know this information will not help you to keep these fish together in the tank. Let me make it easier for you with some more detailed facts.

In this article, you will learn about tank mates for Chili Rasboras and the factors that decide which one to keep.

Let’s Dive in.

Factors That Determine The Compatibility Of Fish With Chili Rasboras

Not every fish will live with Chili rasboras happily until and unless these fish have something in common. You will find it shocking how small details can impact the livelihood of fish with other fish together.

Here, we will learn a few factors that will help you decide which one of the fish will make an ideal tank mate.


Can you think of staying in the same room with an aggressive person who will bully you every chance they get?

I know you won’t like that very much. The same happens with the fish that will live together in a community tank.

You cannot keep an aggressive and bullying fish in the tank with Chili Rasboras. Fish with similar temperaments are compatible with each other.


Imagine keeping a shark with Nemo? Well, that’s a death wish, isn’t it? Size matters. Larger fish will eat smaller fish like a snack in the aquarium.

Trust me when I say this, you will not prefer seeing your Chili Rasboras getting eaten up by some larger fish in the tank.

Chili Rasboras are smaller in size compared to many fish. So, go for fish that are similar in size to chili Rasboras.

Water Parameters

You can’t keep a saltwater fish with a tropical freshwater fish. That’s a fact. Fish that are from a saltwater origin will die immediately if you keep them in a freshwater tank along with Chili Rasboras.

Also, you need to look at the ideal temperature, pH, water hardness, and tolerance level of the fish before making any decision.

You can only keep those fish that asks for similar water parameters in the aquarium as your Chili Rasboras.

School Size

Chili rasboras are schooling fish that prefers to stay within their own circle. So, if you are planning to keep them in a community tank, go for fish that lives in school as well.

Both the fish will have their family within the tank and will barely disturb each other and won’t even bully each other.

Origin Of The Fish

As I said, you can keep a freshwater fish in the saltwater tank and vice versa. Most fish that come from the similar origin and has similar natural habitat are compatible with each other.

So, while looking for tank mates for Chili Rasboras, keep their natural habitat in mind before anything else.

Territory/Dominance Hierarchies

When you keep your Chili Rasboras with some fish that are territorial in nature, you are calling upon injuries and death of your fish.

Territorial fish are known to attack fish that enters their safe space and even start an aquarium war with them.

Decorations And Plants

If you keep a fish that hates plants or any decorations in the planted-aquarium, then my friend, you might end up having a dead fish in the end.

So, when you look for tank mates for Chili Rasboras, look for the ones that prefer planted and decorated aquariums.

Best Tank Mates For Chili Rasboras

Honestly, if you make up your mind, there are many fish you can keep together but you need to have enough experience to handle everything.

Chili Rasboras are quite unique as they will settle happily with any aquatic invertebrates leaving behind crabs and all types of crayfish.

First thing first, Chili Rasboras might settle happily in the tank with their own school only. However, if you are going for a community tank, here are some of the fish you can choose from.

Ember Tetras

The most surprising thing would be if any tetras didn’t make the list of tank mates for chili Rasboras. So, here I give you Ember Tetras, in the very first position of the list.

How can you forget these small tetras that are peaceful and active? These ember tetras are highly compatible with Chili Rasboras, thanks to their size and temperament.

Both of these fish are peace-loving and prefer to stay within their own circle. Listen to me and keep at least 8 ember tetras in a tank along with a school of chili Rasboras.

Both of these fish will mind their own business and swim along with their shoal or school without disturbing one another.

But remember, ember tetras like to swim in the open space. Hence, consider a bigger tank and various plants while keeping them in a community tank with Chili Rasboras.

Sparkling Gouramis

Okay, let’s talk about some small gouramis now. One-and-a-half-inch gourami will always be one of the fish to consider while searching for tank mates for 1 inch Chili Rasboras.

Sparkling Gouramis will always be great and the best tank mates for Chili rasboras. Thanks to the nearly same size and similar temperament of both fish.

Although these gouramis are not schooling or shoaling type, it will be great if you keep at least 4 of them in the tank.

These sparkling gouramis are quite social so you will love seeing them with their kind along with Chili Rasboras school.

But remember to move or transfer them into a different tank during the breeding season. These gouramis tend to be aggressive while they are spawning.

Other than that, you will not have to worry about anything else. Sparkling gouramis will be very compatible and non-disturbing to Chili Rasboras in the community tank.

Chocolate Gouramis

Now, let’s talk about the second gourami from our list of tank mates for Chili Rasboras. I have kept it higher in the list alongside Sparkling Gouramis just so you don’t get confused between any gouramis.

These two gouramis are completely different from each other and easily distinguishable. Thanks to their color and behavior.

These chocolate gouramis can give you a little hard time when you decide to keep them. But tricks can solve any problem in the tank, keeping chocolate gouramis is not a big thing if you are determined enough.

Trust me, these gouramis, however hard they are to keep, are worth keeping in the tank with Chili Rasboras.

Your chocolate gouramis are peaceful yet shy and will thrive in the slightly acidic water alike Chili Rasboras.

You need to keep at least 6 or more of them in the community tank but don’t miss the school of Chili Rasboras as well.

When both of these fish have their circle in the tank, there is very little chance of stress and clash among them.


Let’s talk about another dwarf fish as the tank mate for chili Rasboras, shall we? Poor Otocinclus do not have any defense mechanism and they can’t even protect themselves against their enemies.

So, while we talk about non-aggressive peaceful small fish like Chili Rasboras, Otocinclus comes to my mind immediately.

Otocinclus are non-aggressive and are a cute little scavenger for your tank. I cross my heart when I say this Otocinclus will be a great addition in the tank with a school of Chili Rasboras.

They will feed on the algae, softer ones, present in the tank so you will be getting a tank cleaner along with the tank mate for Chili Rasboras.

Who doesn’t like a two-in-one offer? Am I Right? Okay jokes apart, they are very small in size and nearly similar to Chili Rasboras. Hence they are compatible with each other.

Do not make a fuss over anything or get Otocinclus just because your tank has a higher level of algal growth.

Dwarf Rasboras

Well, it will be weird if we don’t talk about other Rasboras while talking about tank mates for chili Rasboras.

Although there will be a marginal difference between other dwarf Rasboras and chili Rasboras, they will be quite compatible with each other.

Remember to keep a few of them in the tank along with the school of Chili Rasboras. Thanks to the smaller size and same family name, these fish will not make a fuss about Living together.

Cherry Shrimp

These cute little red-colored cherry shrimps will make your tank prettier when kept along with Chili Rasboras as tank mates.

You need to keep at least 6 of them in the community tank along with 6 chili Rasboras. Both of them will be busy around their circle and won’t bother each other.

You will find them sitting around and grazing at the bottom of the tank. These shrimps will rarely swim at the surface of the tank until and unless there is food involved.

As you cannot house them with bottom-dwellers or aggressive fish, your small chili Rasboras will be an ideal mate for them and vice versa.

These shrimps are although dwarf shrimps will bless your community tank with beauty. But remember to avoid housing these shrimps with the bettas, dwarf cichlids, etc.

As I mentioned earlier, Cherry Shrimps are compatible with Chili Rasboras but that doesn’t mean they are compatible with other fish that are compatible with chili Rasboras.

Bolivian Ram Cichlid

Say hello to our dear underrated cousin, black sheep of the family I guess, of Blue Ram Cichlids. It kind of sucks when you are not given equal credit for your uniqueness as your cousins.

Family drama aside, Bolivian Ram Cichlid is one of the best tank mates you can consider for your Chili Rasboras.

Although they are slightly bigger in size compared to chili Rasboras, you will have no problem when you keep them together.

However, please separate these cichlids from Chili Rasboras and keep them in a separate tank when the breeding season starts.

These Bolivian rams are supposedly territorial and aggressive during spawning or breeding. Now you don’t want to start an aquarium war during the time of welcoming new fish in the community, do you?

Samurai Gourami

Let me start with an ouch here because such a beautiful and perfect tank mate for chili Rasboras is an endangered species.

Samurai Gourami is one of the endangered species and can be a little tricky to keep in a tank.

However, when you see them swimming around in your home aquarium, you can’t help but feel blessed.

Trust me, these samurai gouramis are as unique as their name is. These gouramis will make your chili Rasboras tank more beautiful than it already is.

But there is a catch. You need to keep at least 6 or more Samurai Gouramis in the tank. Also, they won’t eat any prepared foods so you might have to think about something else.

Other than that, you will be happy to see them swimming along with the school of Chili Rasboras in a soft water tank.

Rosy Loach

Now, the task of selecting tank mates for Chili Rasboras might get tricky and harder from this point.

Although rosy loach will make a great tank mate for Chili Rasboras, you might have to get few things straight before keeping them together.

Firstly, rosy loaches are always wild-caught so you might have to prepare a mature tank beforehand.

They don’t do well in the tank with constant fluctuation in the water parameters and develop problems within them.

Even the slightest bit of change can result in hazards and serious problems in these Rosy Loaches. Also, they will not do well if you keep them alone in the community tank.

Keep 6 or more Rosy loaches in the community tank to keep them safe and make them comfortable in captivity.

Toucan Tetras

Another tetra from the list of tank mates for Chili Rasboras is Toucan tetra. Well, there is a very thin chance of you hearing and knowing about this tetra already.

Not that I am questioning your knowledge about fish and fishkeeping, it is just that these fish are quite hard to get hands-on.

You will have to go through the real level of struggles to find this tetra as if you are searching for your one true love or soulmate.

But trust me, all the struggle and research will be worth it. These tetras are a blessing in disguise and will make a wonderful friend to Chili Rasboras.

But again, tetras are schooling fish. Thus, you have to keep at least 6 of these toucan tetras in the community tank.

Pygmy Corydoras

While talking about so many types of freshwater fish, how can we leave behind the smallest catfish in the world?

Say hello to the smallest Corydoras species, Pygmy Corydoras. These fish will be a great mate and tank partner for Chili Rasboras, thanks to their smaller size.

Remember to keep sand beds for this fish and also do not keep them alone in the tank. They tend to get stress when they are kept without their shoal.

Keep at least 6 or more of them along with the school of Chili Rasboras in the tank. The peaceful nature of both fish will make them compatible with each other.

Crystal Red Shrimp

Another invertebrate on our list and although it is the last one from the list, it won’t disappoint you.

You see, these crystal red shrimps are similar to cherry shrimp in size but the color variation is highly impeccable.

Keeping this one along with Chili Rasboras can be a bit challenging but hey who doesn’t like a little adventure once in a while?

There is a small problem with these shrimps though. They are quite popular as well as are highly expensive.

Your budget plan might not correspond with the number of shrimps you need to keep in the tank with chili Rasboras.

Worst Tank Mates For Chili Rasboras

Well, These small chili Rasboras are quite compatible with most fish but there are some big “No”s to some fish.

Fish that are aggressive and bullying are the worst tank mates for your Chili Rasboras. Also, if the fish you are trying to keep with Chili Rasboras is a predator, then drop the idea of keeping them together immediately.

Even the most peaceful fish can turn into a predator when they see small fish like Chili Rasboras swimming around.

Okay, now let me give you the list of fish that you need to ignore while looking for tank mates for chili Rasboras:

  1. Angelfish
  2. Cichlids
  3. Crayfish
  4. Carbs
  5. Catfish (medium-sized or larger ones)
  6. Barbs (most of them)
  7. Giant Danios
  8. Gouramis (larger ones)
  9. Any other medium or larger community tank fish.

Frequently Asked Questions

I know you still have many queries related to Chili Rasboras. So, I decided to let you in with the answers to few FAQs you might be wondering about as well.

Can Chili Rasboras Live With Bettas?

Yes and No, Chili Rasboras cannot live with bettas in the same tank due to the differences the temperament. But Bettas won’t cause any problem to Chili Rasboras and vice versa either.

If you really want to keep Rasboras with bettas, there are few more Rasboras to choose from. And, if you still go with chili Rasboras, make sure you keep them in a large tank with many hiding spaces and the lighting of the tank needs to be as minimal as possible.

Both of these fish thrive in slightly acidic yet warmer water in the aquarium. You will find it amusing when you keep these fish together.

You might like to learn more about 15 Best Betta Fish Tank Mates – A Complete Guide

Are Chili Rasboras Hardy?

Yes, Chili Rasboras are hardy and will adapt to a wide range of water parameters. But their hardiness isn’t a window for you to constantly change the water parameters.

Despite being hardy, these fish will suffer a lot when you cannot maintain the consistency in water parameters. Stress, diseases, and even death will follow Chili Rasboras when there is a change in temperature or the presence of ammonia or nitrite in the tank water.

How Big Do Chili Rasboras Get?

Well, we are talking about small fish here, so I think you won’t be surprised to know the size of Chili Rasboras.

Your Chili Rasboras will grow up to 1 inch and trust me it is the maximum size these fish will attain. Thanks to their peaceful nature, you can keep them in the community tank despite their small size.


In conclusion, having mates within the captivity can make any fish happy and outgoing. Chili Rasboras when kept in the company of their kind as well as fish with similar temperament and size, you will see the difference in their behavior.  Go for fish that Chili Rasboras cannot fit in their mouth and those fish that cannot fit Chili Rasboras in their mouth.

Try to be calm and patient when it comes to preparing a community tank along with Chili Rasboras. Tank mates for chili Rasboras are quite decent and peaceful as well as hardy mostly. So, you will have no problem keeping them in a tank at your home.

Do not make a hazardous decision and follow my lead. There are more fish you can choose from to be honest. So, if you want to know more about them, drop a comment below.

Good Luck!!!

Happy Fishkeeping!!!

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