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How Long Do Killifish Live: Tips To Increase Their Lifespan

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I was wondering why the Killish isn’t one of the popular aquarium fish species among aquatic hobbyists. What about you? Nonetheless, you can be sure that the Killifish is one of the underrated colorful and beautiful freshwater fish. Do you know anything about the Killifish? Are you confused about why these are called Killifish? Well, hold on till the end of this article to clear your queries. For now, I will directly go on to the main question for today. It is “How long do Killifish live?”

Even though the Killifish is a beautiful fish, it is still underrated. Furthermore, one question will automatically come to mind before someone thinks to pet the fish. People like to know about the lifespan of the Killifish. Well, Killifish live up from 2-5 years only.

Let us learn more about the Killifish today.

Basic Overview Of The Killifish

Do you know the reason behind the name of this fish? It is not because the Killifish are killers. It is derived from the word ‘Killy’ from dutch, which means small streams.

Moreover, it should be clear as the Killifish are the kind of species that are available in tropical and sub-tropical water bodies. The interesting fact is that these fish are found in every continent in the world except Australia, Northern Europe, and Antarctica.

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The Killifish live in a warm water climate with temporary and permanent streams, swamps, rivers, and lakes. They also inhabit the areas with overhanging trees and shrubs. Some places even have the fossils of Killifish, which shows that they existed there before. There are around 1270 species of Killifish available today. The large species among all is the Ruviladae family (more than 320 species).

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Furthermore, most of the Killifish are freshwater fish. But, some of these fish are even brackish and saltwater fish. Talking about the size of the Killifish, there are two kinds. Well, most of these fish are small and grows up to 1 to 2 inches. On the other hand, the larger ones grow up to less than 6-inches too.

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How Long Do Killifish Live?

Killifish live from 2 to 5 years. Yes, this fish does not have a longer lifespan. But trust me when I say this, these fish are underrated gems of the aquarium fish keeping world.

What Are The Factors Affecting The Lifespan Of Killifish?

Some factors affect the life of Killifish. Let me explain it briefly to you. Let me start with ourselves. What are the factors that affect our lives? Well, the basic ones include water, food, and shelter, don’t you agree?

The three things that I mentioned help us to stay healthy and sound. Imagine your life and health without clean water and a properly balanced diet. Will it be good? Of course not! Not to forget about a shelter to protect us and keep us secure. You might as well say that we need clothes.

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Yes, I will not disagree. I was trying to compare our necessities with the ones of Killifish. If you need those for a healthy lifestyle, the same is the case with the Killifish.

Life Of The Killifish In The Wild V/s In The Aquarium

You can already guess that the life of the Killifish is opposite in the wild and the aquarium. It is because these fish swim freely in the wild without any disturbance and eat whatever food they get too.

On the other side, the Killifish will have a boundary and certain limitations. It is another reason why these fish live longer in the wild in comparison to the aquarium.

How Can You Improve The Longevity Of The Lifespan Of Killifish In Captivity?

Like I said earlier, Killifish may be having a hard time in the aquarium. Although the captive-bred ones may not have experienced living in the wild, I am saying in general. But I think you get it. Living inside a tank may make the fish feel uncomfortable and stressed too. All you need to take care of are the tank conditions, water parameters, and a properly balanced diet.

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We have reached the part which you should not miss in today’s article. So, make sure you read it till the end. We will be discussing the things that you should keep in your mind to care about the lifespan of the Killifish. Let us begin.

Aquarium Requirements

You will have to fulfill the necessary aquarium requirements if you will be keeping these beautiful fish as your pet. The care level of the Killifish is not too hard. It is easy to difficult depending upon the species.

However, let me warn you. Do not pet this fish if you are a beginner in fish keeping world. There are many more fish species for beginners, but unfortunately, Killifish is not the one. You should have at least 1 to 2 years of experience in fish keeping before you pet the Killifish.

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So now, let us discuss the basic aquarium requirements. Let me ask you a question. What is the first thing that comes to your mind when it comes to aquarium requirements? It is the tank size, of course.

Tank Conditions

As you already know that the Killifish are not big in size, you need not keep them in a large aquarium. Furthermore, the tank size also depends upon the number of fish that you wish to keep.

You may already know, the universal law of fish keeping says that each one of fish requires one-gallon of water. So, you need to analyze the size of your fish and the tank size by yourself. You should make sure that your Killifish has enough space to swim around peacefully.

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Water Parameters

The water parameters also depend upon the kind of species that you wish to keep. But most of the Killifish require water temperature between 72 to 75 degrees Fahrenheit. I can not be exact on the PH level.

It is because some Killifish prefer soft acidic water, while some prefer hard alkaline water. To be precise, most of the Killifish do well in a PH between 6 to 7. The water hardness should be between 120 to 160 ppm. Killifish prefer soft water, especially during the breeding process.

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On the other hand, you should find out about the water temperature that the Killifish lived in before buying one. I am saying it because you may not know about the differences and the level of water fluctuations.

It may harm your Killifish in return, so it is vital. Maintaining the water parameters will keep the Killifish stress-free. No stress means no chance/little chance of diseases, and it will automatically help to increase the lifespan of the Killifish.

Lighting, Heating, And Filtration

Another important thing that you should remember is providing lighting, heating, and filtration system. Most of the Killifish prefer low lighting or subdue lighting in the tank. It is because these fish prefer direct sunlight.

Furthermore, it is best to keep a water heater in the tank to maintain the water temperature inside the aquarium. Over fluctuations may cause stress among the fish. I would suggest hygger 50W Mini Submersible Digital Display Aquarium Heater for your killifish.

Lastly, a proper filtration system plays a vital role in the aquarium for any fish species. It is because the fish and the food waste won’t have a way out on their own. So, a proper filtration system (hang-on back or sponge filter) will help to purify and aerify the water from time to time.

The best sponge filter would be Hikari sponge filters for your killifish. It is quite affordable and works best.

Not only that, but you should change some percent of the water every week too. Clean and hygienic water will help the Killifish to stay healthy. A healthy life is a wealthy life. Since maintaining a healthy lifestyle of the fish could be a challenge, you should always be cautious.

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The Right Tankmates

If you did not know already, the Killifish are not shoaling fish. So, these fish can live alone too. Or if not, you can keep them with the same spirited species. The females get along with each other because of their peaceful nature.

Let me warn you on one thing, though. Do not keep two males together in an aquarium because they might get aggressive with each other.

In addition to that, the Killifish can get along with other fish species that have similar behavior as them. Always choose the right tankmates to keep the fish calm and comfortable. Even the most peaceful ones may attack others if they feel insecure or stressed out.

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A Properly Balanced Diet

Another important thing that you should take care of is a properly balanced diet. A balanced diet will make your Killifish stay healthy by making the immune system strong.

Furthermore, the fish will have the ability to fight back the common viruses and diseases too. Killifish are mostly Carnivores in the wild. These fish consume crustaceans, insect larvae, and worms.

Most of the Killifish require live food in the aquarium too. Don’t even think about providing flake food as alternatives. It is because the Killifish won’t adjust. So, if you can’t give live food, then I am sorry to say, but this fish is not the right one for you.

Some of the best food products for killifish are:

Conclusion- How Long Do Killifish Live?

You already know the answer to the question, “How long do Killifish live?” now. Not only that, but you also know the factors influencing the lifespan of the Killifish and how you can improve it. I hope it doesn’t sound that hard and I’m sure you can fulfill all those things. Good luck and Happy Fishkeeping!

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